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Authorization to Deposit Copyright-Protected Work (Student Scholarship)

1. Authorization
Please complete this authorization form only when you are ready to submit (and attach) your work to Digital Grinnell.
2. Please Use Full Names
3. Description
Please provide a short abstract of the work.
Please suggest keywords which might be used to classify the work.
4. Target Collection
5. Details

Please provide a few details about your submission.  Note there are separate sections for Unpublished and Published works.

5a. For Unpublished Work
Briefly explain the circumstances under which the work was created (e.g. a MAP, a seminar paper for a particular course, etc.).
Note that students MUST provide this information for unpublished works!
5b. For Published Work
(Optional) Use the button provided here to upload/attach a file to your submission.
Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png bmp eps tif pict psd txt rtf pdf doc docx ppt pptx xls xlsx xml mp3 wav gz tar zip mp4.