1206 Broad-Dining Room

Photographs of the house at 1206 Broad Street, built in 1884 for L. E. Spencer, a banker, attorney and realtor, to replace the earlier structure that fell into its own cellar during the cyclone of 1882. The interior photographs are from the early 1900s when the house was owned by J. P. Lyman. During the latter part of the 20th century, the house was owned by John and Barbara Kleinschmidt. More information about individual photographs is available in the Grinnell College Libraries Department of Special Collections and Archives.
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1206 Broad Street

1206 Broad-Exterior
1206 Broad-Bedroom
1206 Broad-Living Room
1206 Broad-Bed to Dining Room
1206 Broad-Living Room Reception
1206 Broad-Living Room 2
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1206 Broad-Dining Room
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1206 Broad-Piano
1206 Broad-Exterior 2
1206 Broad-Exterior 3