Broad Northeast From 4th Ave

Photograph of the block of buildings on the SE corner of Merchant's National Bank, south-north, on Broad Street. 1. Gifford&Manly (just north of bank). Built 1891. 2. Child Building (photographer). Built 1883-1884. 3. Stewart Block. Built 1877. 4. C.R. Morse building. Built 1891. 5. Coutts Building, built 1893. See item 1--an exclusive photo of the building. Now the Back Alley Deli & Varsity Newstand.6. Miles Bros/W.H. Barker/Clark/Coutts/Beyer building, built to house the Grange Store (3rd site of Grange Store). Second floor was the K of P (Knights of Pythias) fraternal order.
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Broad Street and 4th

Broad and 4th
Broad Northeast From 4th Ave