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Life at Grinnell College

Event programs, photographs, and other records that document student life on and around the Grinnell College campus.

Bonnie Tinker protesting at the 1969 Commencement.

Woodward, Tilly (Matilda R.)
Poster advertising a book sale. The books were made by children at Challenging Heights' Hovde House in Ghana as a result of a fellowship with Tilly Woodward funded by the Grinnell Prize.

Poster advertising December 2012 Bookstore sale.

Letter from the Student Government Association to the Grinnell College Community calling for a boycott of the Longhorn Restaurant for racial discrimination

Ewing, Brian J.
Concert program for piano recital on December 3, 2006.

McMullin, Roger
From left to right: Brian L. Harris, Instructor of German; W. Michael Cavauagh, Instructor of English; and Irma P. McClaurin, class of 1973, sitting outside.

Bernstein, Becca, 1988-; Davis, Adam, 1970-
Poster advertising talk by Adam Davis and Becca Bernstein, '10, on Feb. 8, 2013, in the Center for Humanities series, Humanities for Life.

Wylie, John
Bruce J. Green playing the trumpet on the side of the road.

Photo of a student worker at her desk in Burling

Concerned Black Students
Concerned Black Students [CBS] proposed bylaws, April 17, 1999. Included with the proposed changes to the bylaws is the standing bylaws as amended on September 16,1998. The first page is a letter to CBS members concerning the proposed changes written by Sherman P. Willis.

Photo of CBS cheerleaders, 1968. Front to back: Micki Weston, Unknown, Shirley, Linda Copeland.

This includes two versions of the Concerned Black Students' (CBS) Manifesto, the second of which was submitted to the college as a list of demands on the part of black students on campus. A special faculty meeting was held to discuss the demands, the minutes from which also appear here.

Taylor, Nancy
Article in Scarlet & Black about CBS sponsoring and planning Black History Month events

Henry S. Conard and Ben Graham, both professors emeritus of Biology, at the CERA dedication in 1969.

This 1950 photograph features a student at the turntables of Grinnell College's campus radio station (KGRW).

This is a photograph of a student at the turntables of Grinnell College's campus radio station (KGRW)in 1948.

This 1950 photograph features student using a telephone in one of KGRW's broadcasting studios.

This is a photograph of three students (Mike McNally '60, Gail McAllister '60, and Bertram Budd '62 (in rear)) broadcasting on Grinnell College's campus radio station (KGRW) in 1960.

This 1950 photograph features four Grinnell College students in the midst of recording a radio program in one of KGRW's broadcasting studios in ARH (Alumni Recitation Hall). Left-Right: Mary Ann Hursk, Maxine Hay, Scott Crom, Jim Carrahan

Grinnell College News Service
Four people and two canoes on the side of Lake Acre.


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