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Life at Grinnell College

Event programs, photographs, and other records that document student life on and around the Grinnell College campus.

Three men working at the desk in the KGRW radio studio.

Freshmen Wrestling, 1963. Bottom row: Jim Holsfinger, William "Bill" Barnes, Kenneth "Ken" Strubbler. Keith Zolla, Polger. Top row: Coach Terry Moore '61; Dan Reising, Larry Peppers, Kris Nash, Gary Wilson.

Photo of Andrew Lytle with Edward M. Moore in 1969 Writers Conference

Student receives help with writing at the Writing Center, 1990.

Young, Gifted, and Black Gospel Choir. First row from the back: Danielle Brinker '02 (second from left); Moser Mason (fourth from right); Jessica Leigh Kroeger '00 (second from right). Second row from the back: Jennifer L. Thornton '02 (first from left); Heather Thiessen Emmons '02(second from left). First row from the front: Courtney M. Jenkins '02 Second row from front, second from right: Akiko Kobayashi '02.

Young, Gifted, and Black Gospel Choir in rehearsal. First row from front: Kristie D. Henderson '03 (first from left in suspenders); Tiffany C. Brunk '02 (striped shirt); Courtney M. Jenkins '02 (seccond from right, gold sweater). Second row from front: Heather Thiessen Emmons (?) (second from left). Back row: Marie L. Opsahl-Lister '03 (third from left).

Grinnell College opera production of Gilbert & Sullivan's Yeomen of the Guard in 1953. The production was staged at the Grinnell High School theater. The high school building, which was later the community center, is on Park Street between 4th and 5th Avenues. From Joanne M. Bunge's Grinnell College student scrapbook, 1952-1956.

Top row/left to right: [Unknown], Tchike [last name unknown], Ethan Cheeng '12, Mauriarre Olney-Hamel (second to last) and the rest in the row are unknown. Middle row/left to right: Sara Woolery (5th person), Scott (last) [First name unknown] everyone else is unknown. Bottom row/left to right: Paula Nesbeth , Sonora Yuh (second to last), and Christian Snow (last)], the rest of the students are unknown of YGB in 2011 (Young, Gifted, and Black Gospel Choir).

Postcard view of the east side of Younker Hall dormitory on the Grinnell College campus in Grinnell, Iowa. From Joanne M. Bunge's Grinnell College student scrapbook, 1952-1956.

Mcmullin, Roger W.
Photo of (from 12 o'clock) Peggy Neighbors, Pam Neil '79, Orly Edelist '78, Mara Varpa '77, Jo Ann Crawford '79, Sheryl Bautch '79, Zoe Rehula '79 and Martha Matson '78 doing a Yugoslavian dance, Moja Diridika


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