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Life at Grinnell College

Event programs, photographs, and other records that document student life on and around the Grinnell College campus.

A poster encouraging students to run for senator.

McMullin, Roger
Cindy Warm, class of 1979, sitting after the 1979 Commencement.

Davis, Adam, 1970-; Bernstein, Becca, 1988-
Poster advertising a facilitation skills training session led by Dr. Adam Davis and Becca Bernstein, '10, held on January 28, 2013, and sponsored by the Center for Humanities in their Humanities for Life series.

Three students at a table in ARH/Carnegie classroom. Person on the right is Joseph R. Nelson '02.

At 1969 Commencement, class of 1919 50-year reunion.

Left to right: [unknown], Kimberly Isem Simmons (mic in hand) [class year unknown], Trudi Witonsky [class year unknown], Leslie Wilson [class year unknown], unknown, Kim (Townsend) Scott [class year unknown], unknown, and RJ Baker [class year unknown] stands in a line at the front of the classroom. Second from the right, Kimberly Simmons fourth from the right Meghan Hayes and from the left, Kim Scott, third from the left Trudi Witonsky, RJ Baker far right. 1980s.

Photo of dr.Neal W. Klansner, Miller professor of Philosophy teaching an informal seminar-type class

A classroom scene with Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Kathryn Kamp. Student left to right: Michael Williams, 1986; Peter Lydecker, 1985; Amy Wolff, 1985; Deborah Dilworth, 1987; Professor Kathryn Kamp.

Two women students. Undated.

Gwilliam, Gilbert
Clayton Lee, class of 1973, in the KDIC Radio.

Clean-up project at 2nd Ave. and State St. during "Community Week"

Photo of Anne Walter '73 at the clean-up project at 2nd avenue and State St. during "Community Week"

Clean-up project at 2nd Ave. and State St. during "Community Week" with (from left) Thomas Zitver '73, Anne Walter '73 and Jodie Levin-Epstein '73

Cleveland Cuddle Cats band performance.

Coach Pfitsch checks Bob McJimsey's teeth to tell him from his twin George at a basketball game.

Students help each other in a computing class

Top row/left to right: unknown, Paul Legen, Dun Ehulich '14, Professor Ramsey, Aaron Barker, and unknown. Second row/left to right: unknown, Max Herzberg , unknown, unknown, Sam '11 [unknown last name] Third row/left to right: Laura Lockwood , unknown, Mark Mercier '11?, unknown, and Anne Damtoft '12?. Fourth row/left to right: unknown, Ben Tape, Desaun Peters, Tayler Chicoihe, unknown. Fifth row/left to right: Kathleen Murphy Geiss, Kayle [last name unknown], Katie In, unknown, and Deborah Burice. Sixth row/left to right:Kathryn Walder '12, Ayla '13 [last name unknown], Becca Pred-Sosa, Sarah Goff, Iris Youhg '13, unknown. Bottom row/left to right: Miltan Garcia, unknown, unknown, unknown, Sophie Fajardo '12, and Joe Veneziano of the College Choir.

Brown, Jennifer Williams, 1957-
Program for Collegium Musicum concert on December 3, 2006.

Students smiling for commencement.

Students smiling for commencement.


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