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Poweshiek History Preservation Project

PHPP is a digital archive of the Poweshiek County area that includes materials contributed by individuals and items from the Drake Community Library, Grinnell College and area historical museums. PHPP volunteers can help scan items contributed by individuals by appointment. Items can also be submitted in digital form by individuals. The project is also collecting oral histories which are conducted by volunteers.

A crowd gathers to view the installation of the stained glass windows at Merchant's National Bank in Grinnell, Iowa, in 1914. The bank was designed by Louis Sullivan.

Wedding portrait of Franks Burns and Mae Hammond taken on their wedding day, June 1, 1918, at 1127 Broad Street in Grinnell, Iowa.

Mae Hammond Burns, of Grinnell, Iowa, at approximately age 23. Photo by Child Studios.

Marriage certificate of Frank R. Burns and Mae Hammond dated June 1, 1918, and signed by Charles Noble, Minister of the Gospel, at Grinnell, Iowa.

Fourth of July picnic at 1321 Broad Street in Grinnell, Iowa. At the time this was the home of Aldace Child.

Frank R. Burns portrait taken by Child Studios, Grinnell, Iowa.

Inside the Child family home at 534 Main Street, Grinnell, Iowa. From left to right: Aldace Child, Margaret Matthews, Susie Child, woman identified only as "Mother," Mrs. Burroughs, and Ruth Walker.

Mae Hammond Burns portrait taken by Child Studio.

Mattie Child Hammond in Grinnell, Iowa.

Montezuma (Iowa) high school students in the 1920s. Third row, fourth from the left is Alvin Johnson.

Mae Hammond Burns and her son, Frank R. Burns, Jr. Frank, Jr., was born February 21, 1921 in Des Moines, Iowa.

Bruce Ford Hammond, youngest son of Walter and Hattie Child Hammond. Photo taken by Child Studio, Grinnell, Iowa.

View of the south and west faces of the Newburg, Iowa, school approximately 1923 showing school buses and cars.

Composite photograph of the Searsboro (Iowa) High School class of 1929. The woman in the bottom row on the far right is Waunita Johnson Millslagle.

Group photo of Grinnell (Iowa) Junior High School class 8B taken in May 1935. Photo by Photocraft. Front row, left to right: Clayton Tew, Fay Dunn, Gene McCurray, Robert Marvin, Bob Grandstaff, Milton Berman, Raymond Spencer, Clifford Roberts, Robert Bouma. Second row: Mildred Reynolds, Helen Skidmore, Gene Mills, Gene Slaven, Donald Anderson, James Lincoln. Third row: Georgia ?, Myrtle Smith, Beulah Maytherly, Avis Bakder(?), Mildred Morrisey, Lois Clifton, Beulah Phipps, Alice Neighbors. Back row: Russell Reavis, Dwight Vaun, Mabel Farmer, Janet Brooker, Connie Matlack, Riva Stanley, Eleanor Davis, Virgil Innes.

Group photo of Grinnell (Iowa) Junior High School class 7B taken in May 1935.

Searsboro High School girls' basketball team in 1938/39. Eleanor Jean McCaw is in the dark uniform on the right in the back row.

The Newburg (Iowa) elevator in the early 1940s. The elevator was built in 1917 and demolished in 2014. On the verso of the photo is a handwritten history of the elevator and the town: Newburg founded 1878. 100 years ago there were 2 grain elevators constructed of wood. Then in 1917-1918 a poured concrete elevator and a block warehouse were built and still in use. 3 grocery stores that burned. The present building that still stands was a grocery store, but now is an apartment house. The railroad depot was demolished about 5 years ago. A water tank furnished water to the steam engines. A stock yard was available for the farmers cattle and hogs. We had our own post office. The creamery building still stands and did a route business and part of the building used as an ice house. We once had a prosperous bank, but it closed in 1933. There have been 2 blacksmith shops, a lumber yard. The farmers owned a telephone switchboard. One of the residents owned and operated a Model T agency. At one time we had 2 churches, the Church of God and the Congregational, this is now known as the UCC. A KP hall served as community center where the women gathered to sew during World War I. The lower floor housed new farm machinery. Our school is still operating and it now serves just 6th graders and one kindergarten class. In 1964 a newly formed organization known as Newburg Community Service Association dug a 225 foot well. It serves all homes business, school and church.

Searsboro High School girls' basketball team around 1940. The girl fifth from the left holding the trophy is Eleanor Jean McCaw.

A Christmas greeting from the staff of Poweshiek County National Bank in Grinnell, Iowa, with pictures of the staff and a list of their names.


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