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Poweshiek History Preservation Project

PHPP is a digital archive of the Poweshiek County area that includes materials contributed by individuals and items from the Drake Community Library, Grinnell College and area historical museums. PHPP volunteers can help scan items contributed by individuals by appointment. Items can also be submitted in digital form by individuals. The project is also collecting oral histories which are conducted by volunteers.

This small card is a season ticket to The World's Industrial Exhibition of 1853. The ticket is in the name of "Rev. J.B. Grinnell and Wife."

Nine photographs of the Sprague family of Grinnell, Iowa. Herman H. and Ella Farley Sprague had two daughters, Ina and Lena. Ina was a teacher and was principal of Davis School in Grinnell, Iowa, for 28 years. Lena was an assistant to the city clerk of Grinnell for 30 years. Drake Community Library (Grinnell, Iowa) Archives. Miscellaneous photographs. Collection #17-6, People.

Phillips, Wendell; Stoddard, Leavitt
Two letters in the same envelope addressed to mrs David Mears. One is from Wendell Phillips to John where J.B. Grinnell is mentioned as the writer's personal friend and the college is also brought up. The second one is a note by Leavitt Stoddard to mrs. David Mears saying he had enclosed the aforementioned letter for her to read which he thinks she would be interested in.


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