Cooper School Third Graders 1957/1958

The third grade class at Cooper School in Grinnell, Iowa, circa 1957/1958. Elsie Neighbor was the teacher. Photograph taken by Jim (James Lloyd) George. Back row, left to right: Elsie Neighbors (teacher), Diana Long, Greg Puls, Claudia Reese, Terry Hall, Diane DeMeulenaere, Mike Beaty, Debbie Lewis. Third row, left to right: Mike Green, Dennis Stowe, Bruce Haner, Jerry Schalinske, Janis Brown, Wayne Fisher, Linda Anderson. Second row, left to right: Roger Thompson, Sara Shanahan, JoAnn Eisenman, Kathy Column, David Renaud, Linda Bittner, Mark Boden. First row, left to right: Gary Johnson, Karen Harter, Paula Gates, Greg Pricket, Linda Barnes, Kelly Chady, Jim Sanders.
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