Order of Pythian Sisters Dispensation

Charter for the Pythian Sisters Temple No. 198 in Grinnell, Iowa, giving the names of the founding sisters. On the original document you can see that "Pythian" is printed over the word "Rathbone" which was an earlier name for the Pythian Sisters. The names of the founding sisters are: Bessie D. Paine, Bessie M. Fraser, Lulu F. Scott, Madge Douglas, Luella Adams, Verbena Rollins, Blance Mason, Stella Mason, Nellie Wasco, Marie Kutish, Eunice Bryan, Anna Buchanan, Margaret Scott, Alma D. Wilson, Georgia Scott, Mary J. Jacobs, Lena K. Jacobs, Mary Stark, Lena Bodine, Anna Vogt, Sadie Evans, Della Tyson, Grace Alexander, Grace Fuller, Lily Satchell, Katie Payne, Ida Baughan.
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