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Life at Grinnell College

Event programs, photographs, and other records that document student life on and around the Grinnell College campus.

This photograph shows Grinnell College students engaging in Grinnell's "Program in Practical Political Education" in 1962.

Photo of Darby gymnasium packed with friends and alumni to celebrate 100th Anniversary Day

1962 Varsity Soccer Team First Row: Al MacKnight, Bill Montfort, Jim Soble, Don Cook, Dave Scott, and Vince Anka. Second Row: Jim Ramsay, Ed Jones, Sandy Stern, Neil Weiner, Stu During, Ed Johnson, and Frank Chilingulo. Third Row: Coach Irv Simone, Dave Danley, John Johnson, Vance Opperman, Steve Brooks, Will Van Horne, and Steve Ellenwood. There is an additional photo of Bill Montfort controlling the ball in an undated scrimmage.

Team Photo of the 1963 freshman track team. First Row: Jack Harrod, John Shierholz, Bob Dyer, and John Kelsey. Second Row: Dave Imes, Walt Neal, Jim Smith, and Dave Synhorst. Third Road: Mike Stewart, John Tepaske, Jim Murtfeldt, Tom Wood, and Coach Terry Moore.

Phillips, John
Homecoming football game, John Shierholz, class of 1966, carrying the ball.

A group of students sit around a table working. April 29, 1969.

View from back of audience at the 1969 Commencement ceremonies. Far right, Mark Moulding ('71) with arm on chair of Debby Huntsinger ('70) in back row.

Biology professor and students. From left to right: Guillermo Mendoza, Stone Prof. of Biology, Judy L. Haver ’72, Sally K. Harf ’73, Carlos A. Mendoza ’72, George J. Shybut ’72, and Laurel H. Etheridge ’73.

Student presented with diploma at 1972 Commencement.

Glenn Leggett, President; Beth W. Noble, Marshal; Jessie L. Ternberg, Class of 1946; Waldo S. Walker, Dean; at 1972 Commencement.

McMullin, Roger
View from back of audience of the 1979 Commencement.

McMullin, Roger
Honorary degree recipients at the 1979 Commencement. From left to right: John R. Parish, Jane Howard, Marilyn Walsh, and Bernard Bailyn.

Schultz, John
Residence hall discussion of the First Position Paper Conference. Seated at right: Terri D. Tiddle, class of 1979; and Wilham C. Steel, class of 1938.

Poster advertising the 2012 Grinnell Prize Awards Ceremony on Nov. 13, 2012.

Calendar of convocations and Public Events scheduled for 2012/2013.

Poster advertising the 2013 Grinnell Prize Ceremony on November 5, 2013.

Call for submissions for the 2014 Phi Beta Kappa Scholar's Award Competition.

Yin, Xiaorong.
Poster advertising a talk by Xiaorong Yin as part of his 2012 Davis Project for Peace.

Wagner, Thorsten, 1963-
Poster advertising a lecture by Thorsten Wagner on November 19, 2013, sponsored by the Center for International Studies.

A booklet describing the need for new women's housing, as well as photographs of the new housing being built. Printed circa 1915.


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