1001 Broad - 1001 Broad-Wallpaper

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Details of the building on the NW corner of 5th Avenue and Broad St. (1001 Broad). . This was the second permanent structure of the colony of Grinnell, built in the summer of 1854, for Anor Scott, store-keeper and merchant. It first stood near what is now the NW corner of the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Broad Street. (There were then no streets as such: the town would not file a plat until January, 1855). Later it was moved to High Street, then to the SW corner of the intersection of Third Avenue and Elm Street where it is now part of a small house. Fragments of the handsome hand-painted wallpaper (four colors) fixed directly to the inner skin of the building--boards of the board-and-batten construction, gaps, studs, cross-pieces and all--are still within the present walls. (Courtesy of Hugh and Deborah Sheridan)