Local Businessmen on Fire Engine

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Photograph of local businessmen in Grinnell, Iowa, taking a ride on the fire engine. The photo is taken in front of the Grinnell Herald Register building and the I.T.C. building on Fourth Avenue. The text of an attached news clipping reads: Amateur firemen take a ride. As part of National Fire Safety Week observance, businessmen were taken for rides on Grinnell's fire trucks on Thursday. In this "crew", left to right, are L.S. Sieberth, secretary-treasurer of the local firemen's association, Keith Gregory, Jim McNally and Chris McNally, in the seat, Herb Waltersdorf, John Queen, Francis Walling, M.F. Zimmerman, Bill Ritter, the Rev. Wm. Overhulser, Herb Greve, G.L. Duke, and Frank Lynch.