Multiview of Atlantic, Iowa

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Four residences in Atlantic, Iowa. Looking southwest at the Ulysses.S. Mullins house was built in 1898 by Edward Shaw, a lumber baron, as a wedding gift to his daughter, Leila Shaw Mullins who married Dr. Ulysses S. Mullins in 1898. It was later turned into a bed breakfast. Located at 1409 Chestnut St, Atlantic, Cass County, Iowa. The Darius E. Shranger house, or Whitmare House, was built in 1917 and located at 108 9th Street, Atlantic, Cass County, Iowa. Edward S. Harlan was a prominent Atlantic banker. Mr. James G. Herring was the manager of the Atlantic Auto Company in Atlantic, Iowa, and father of 26th Governor of Iowa Clyde L. Herring.