Railroad bridge, across the Des Moines River, Boone, Iowa

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We believe this is not the Kate Shelley bridge as written on the card (search for Kate Shelley High Bridge), but the Centerville Bridge which can be seen from the Kate Shelley Bridge. Looking north at a Lost Pratt through bridge built in 1896 by George E. King Bridge Co. of Des Moines, Iowa, and the King Iron Bridge Co., of Cleveland, OH. It was replaced in 1922 by a new bridge downstream. The bridge is no longer standing. The postcard reads "Magazines and newspapers of all nations have published the story of Kate Shelly's heroism that dark and stormy night in July, when, a girl of only fourteen years, she crossed the old wooden structure, since replaced by the above steel bridge, on hands and knees, during the violent storm then raging, the river at the time being much higher than shown in this picture, nearly reaching the ties." --t.p. 1912 postmark. Copyright 1903.