Are We Going to Win? -- Yea Bo!!

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Desk blotter which contains advertisements for 36 Grinnell, Iowa, businesses who supported the 1929 Grinnell High School football team. Contains the schedule of games, names of coaches in the Athletic Department, and prospects for the season. The advertisers are: Lee Hotel, Porter's Cafe, Grinnell State Bank, Independent Oil & Gas Co., Large's Pharmacy, Clindinin Insurance Agency, B. of R.T. Cafe, Barclay's Public Market, John Lund Shoe Repairing, Mathews Drug Co., Grinnell Cleaners, Candyland, Nick Heisel (suits made to order), B.W. Junior Department Store, Almy's Smart Footwear, Citizens National Bank, Swaney's Jersey Dairy, Richardson-Phelps Lumber Co., Rex Cigar Store, Equitable Life Insurance Company of Iowa (Wm. Gardner and A.B. Hamilton, agents), Grinnell Laundry, McNally the Butcher, Preston's, Ping Oil Co. Model Lunch Room, Dixie Sandwich Inn and One-stop Service Station, Hagen Bros. Garage, Rehder's Tailor Shop, Schultz & Son Motor Co., Deep Rock Station, Percy Goff (Travelers Insurance Co.), Star Clothing Co., Central Cigar Store and Billiard Parlor, Strand Taxi Co., Ross Shoe Co., and Campus Toastwich Shop.