Robert Wilson '70

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  • Alenka Figa
    Alenka: Okay.
  • Robert Wilson
    Robert: My name is Robert S. Wilson. I currently live in San Francisco, California and I’m a member of the Grinnell College class of 1970. What- I’m talking about my grandmother who was at Grinnell about, ‘99 and ‘00, that’s 1899 and 1900. Her maiden name was Lenabel Boddy. She and several of her brothers and sisters attended Grinnell sometimes without graduating and were not academically very gifted, as I understand from a relative who got access to their academic records.
  • Robert Wilson & Alenka Figa
    Robert: However, I had a conversation with her about 1965, in Southwest Louisiana, near Lake Charles, where she had ultimately settled after having grown up near Iowa Falls. She believed in Darwinian evolution, that humans had evolved from an earlier species. Which, for a person of her age, was not something, in that town, was readily admitted in public. And her belief in that, which was quite at variance with people of her age in that part of the country, came from her experience at Grinnell, which she had picked up in ’99 and ’00. And that’s the end of what I wanted to say. Thank you.Alenka: All right, well, thank you!
Alumni oral history interview with Robert Wilson '70. Recorded June 1, 2012.