Relays, 1983

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H. Wayne Moyer (Political Science) with students preparing to play twister/ground pooball(?). In the background, from left to right: Paul Tarini '83 (furthest left), William J. Wilcoxen '84 (far left, face half-covered by people in the front), Thandi Bergfalk '83 (in front of William, dark T-shirt), Allison Paich '83 (wearing a hat and holding a board), Laura Sinai (?) (next to Allison with cup in left hand), John F. Egan '84 (sitting with crossed legs), Julie A. Jones (striped shirt), Laura J. Davis '86 (wearing a camera), Chuck Platz '83 (behind Laura, not wearing a hat), Andrew Hopson (crossing his arms), Brian Gratch '83 (at the front, looking down), James B. Indiveri '83 (second guy from right, wearing t-shirt with text).