Original Hartwick State Bank Customers

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The original Hartwick State Bank customers from the time the bank opened in 1927 posed for a picture at the time of the bank's 35th anniversary in 1962. Front row, from left to right: Carrie Starry, Harlan Wessel, Fritz Roth, Bill Starry, Freeman Dayton, Grace Dayton, Mary Fearneyhough, Gladys Williamson, Cliff Williamson. Second row (seated): Mrs. Bert Cleppe, Bert Cleppe, Emil DeRycke, Grace DeRycke, J.T. Benda, Wallace Ryan, Mrs. Albert Peska, Albert Peska. Back row (standing): Anna Iezek, Mrs. Louis DeRycke, Ward Fearneyhough, Alyce Vermace, Louis DeRycke, Ben Roudabush, Lucille Benda, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Martens, Charlie Ostrom, Celia and Nelson Korns, Emil DeRycke, Mary and Henry DeRycke, Godfrey Veit, Lloyd and Ruth Lambert, David McIlrath, Clarence Possehl, Joe Iezek, Fred Bees, Raymond Smith, Leonard Dee, Tom Iezek.