George Richard Ross's Cycle Whirl

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Cyanotype showing George Richard Ross riding a bicycle on the wall of his "Cycle Whirl," built in the back yard of 817 7th Avenue, Grinnell. An original note on the back of the photograph reads: "GEORGE RICHARD ROSS and his "Cycle Whirl" -- 1900 / In Back Yard of Lot at Rear of Mrs. Valley's where he later erected his home 817 -7th Avenue Grinnell, Iowa." Another note added by J. Kleinschmidt dated 1/22/88 reads: "Mrs. "Valley" is Angie Valleau, widow, who lived in the old "Phelps" house at 1203 Broad at least from 1905 to 1910. House at right is 1203-05 Broad, at left is 1209 Broad; part of wall showing between is at 1206 Broad."