Grinnell A&W circa 1950

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The Grinnell A&W was built in 1950 by Irving Damitz. He sold it to Bill Werneburg, Jr., in 1959. Werneburg operated it until 1965 selling it to Velma and Leonard Heinselman. In 1968 the Heinselmans remodeled and added a telephone ordering system. The Heinselmans operated it until 1975, when they sold it to Chuck McPherson. The McPherson family ran it until it was sold to Clarice Schweitzer. In 1979 an addition created seating for 125. The building was then purchased by Bruce and Laura Blankenfeld who then began operating it as a full service family restaurant. In July 2004 the building was given another facelift which is how you see it today (2019) -- the Westside Family Restaurant located at 229 6th Avenue West, Grinnell, Iowa.