Cooper School Second Grade 1958

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Second grade class at Cooper School in Grinnell, Iowa. In the background on the blackboard is written "Brotherhood Week" which dates the picture to the week of February 15-22, 1958. The teacher is Miss Leyden. Front row, left to right: unknown, Vikki Rickard, Mike Shanahan, Donn Pugh, unknown, Dave Jensen, unknown, unknown, unknown, Roger Ryan, unknown. Middle row (seated on chairs), left to right: Bob Noel, unknown, unknown, unknown, Elizabeth Louden, Karen Todd, Susan Deveraux, unknown, unknown, Eddie Hockett. Back row (standing), left to right: John Hamilton, unknown, Norman Farmer, unknown, Art Dunham, Miss Leyden, Janet Swaney, Gary Wilson, Roberta Dayton, Tom Collum, unknown.