Pioneers of Progress

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Theater program. Historical pageant of Grinnell performed October 17 and 18, 1929 upon the 75th anniversary of the founding of Grinnell, Iowa, college homecoming and airport dedication. Dialogue written by Robert Y. Kerr. The Pageant of Grinnell presents in dramatic form the history of Grinnell, Iowa. Partial cast: Rev. E.M. Vittum, A.J. Blakely, Richard Phillips, Ralph Longley, Russell Peterson, Dale Smith, Paul Kiesel, Seldon Norris, John Dunham, Ray George, Frank Knapp, Paul Wray, Irving Lemley, David Talbott, Elden Olds, John S. Nollen, Mrs. Grant Ramsey, David E. Peck. Dialogue of play is included in program. Drake Community Library Archives. Early Theater Productions. Collection #100.