Assembly of God Congregation

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The congregation of the Assembly of God church in Grinnell, Iowa, in 1931-32. The church building was originally the post office in Gilman, Iowa, and was moved to 619 Broad Street in the early 1930s. The following list of names does not include all of the people and they are not necessarily in the correct order. At doors, left to right: Anna Figland (in dark hat), Theodore Olson, Elizabeth Olson, [unidentified], Ray Holland (holding child), [unidentified]. Standing, back row: Mrs. Belcher, Clara Davenport, [unidentified], Mrs. Graham. Middle row: Mary Wright, Viola Schooley, Bessie McGrew, Mrs. Holland, Della Woods, Fred Taylor, [unidentified], [unidentified], Austin Olson, Henry Olson, Edward Wright. Front row: Holland boys, Arelna Fleener, [unidentified children], Mrs. Harper (center shorter woman), Mrs. Harper, Raymond Davenport, Buela Spules, Mrs. Klowyk (sp?), Helen Bordiard, Herb Wyss, Beulah Wyss, T.W. Stark, Florence (Flossie) Bell, Carmen Wyss, Jessie Holland, George Driscoll. Children in front: Bobby Wyss, Olan Teterman, Ross Wyss, Beverly Lunn.