Early College History

Documents that record the history of Iowa College until 1909, when it officially changed its name to Grinnell College. Included are photographs, articles, and the College’s articles of incorporation.

1847 copy/draft of the rules and regulations governing the establishment of Iowa College

Document detailing rules and regulations for the establishment of Iowa College that was filed in Davenport.

Amendment to the rules and regulations for the establishment of Iowa College dated 1852

Original 1856 document detailing the rules and regulations for the establishment of Grinnell University

Details the merging of property between the Grinnell Literary Fund and Iowa College

Dated February 5, 1877, this letter to J.B. Grinnell from his "Seminary Friend" also originally included a bill of sale for a slave which was taken from the archives of Charleston South Carolina. His friend praises J.B. for his many actions in combatting slavery.

Published in 1879, this pamphlet contains transcribed courtroom excerpts of important points in the case of J.W. Tripp vs. J.B. Grinnell.

A pamphlet by L.F. Parker regarding Hester Hillis and her missionary experiences at home and abroad, written on the occasion of her passing in 1887. Includes letters written by Hillis from India about her experiences.

This is an article dated December 14, 1891 by Leonard Fletcher Parker in which he previews the main subjects and themes of Josiah Bushnell Grinnell's "Reminiscences of Forty Years," his autobiography which has just been published.

Autobiography of Josiah Bushnell Grinnell for the years from 1850-1890.

This leaflet contains biographical information about J.B. Grinnell.

Four sermons by George Herron, with an introduction by President George Augustus Gates.

Sen Katayama's handwritten senior thesis, written in 1895, and a transcript of the paper created in 2012 by students enrolled in the Japanese 195 course.

Volume 2, number 2 of the college catalog from 1904.

Volume 3, number 1 of the college catalog from 1904.

A brief history of the Iowa Band and the founding of Iowa (Grinnell) College.

The history of the Woman's Temperance Union of Grinnell, Iowa.

An article by Florence Steward Kerr, class of 1912, about John Brown and his relationship with J.B. Grinnell. The article was originally published in volume 1, number 2, February 1926 of The Tanager.

A letter from Fred W. Reed to Charles Payne with information on J.B. Grinnell.

The history of Grinnell College through 1952.