Early College History

Reed, Fred W.
A letter from Fred W. Reed to Charles Payne with information on J.B. Grinnell.

Nollen, John Scholte, 1869-1952
The history of Grinnell College through 1952.

Grinnell College. Board of Trustees; Trustees of Iowa College. (Davenport)
1960 mimeograph copy of 1847rules and regulations governing the establishment of Iowa College

Grinnell College. Board of Trustees; Grinnell Literary Fund (Grinnell). Board of Trustees
Typed copy of the Articles of Incorporation for the Grinnell Literary Fund from January 1855

Walker, Waldo S.
A timeline of facts related to Grinnell College history, including enrollment, tuition, and building information.

Rod, Catherine; Glass, Rachel; Powers, Jim; Vanney, Kathryn
Special Collections and Archives exhibit brochure to accompany the exhibit Grinnell - in - Grinnell: 150 Years of Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa.

Lenertz, Diane; Dunnington, Sam
During Grinnell’s earliest days, Alumni Hall rang out with fiery debate. Do we need political parties? Should the death penalty be abolished? For over 60 years, Grinnell College’s Literary Societies met to dance, converse, and hold forth on issues that are still pertinent in the 21st century. These groups were the beginning of a tradition that carries on with the impressive number of organized student groups that the campus currently enjoys. Join us as we look back at the Grinnell Literary Societies.

Two copies of a note on the life of Catherine Hastings.

Wedding invitation for Mary Chapin and Rev. Dr. David O Mears with a letter from Glenn Leggett requesting the invitation.

Grinnell coat of arms: "By the Name of Grinnell".

Letter to Lois Bowen and Grinnell family tree.

Drawing of the Grinnell family tree.


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