Life at Grinnell College

Event programs, photographs, and other records that document student life on and around the Grinnell College campus.

Call for submissions for the 2014 Phi Beta Kappa Scholar's Award Competition.

The Grinnel choir performs for a CBS nationwide broadcast as part of the "Church of the Air" Series

This photograph shows Grinnell College students engaging in Grinnell's "Program in Practical Political Education" in 1962.

Announcing a panel discussion on societal and artistic perspectives on the Underground Railroad.

Student performance of "The Fantasticks" musical, Spring 1971.Left to right: Ann-Janine Morey '73, Pam Shulk ‘ 74 (?), Mark Siegfried ‘72.

Theater production. Left to Right: RicMcDowell '68, Unknown, Grady Murdock '70, Jim Lew '70, Unknown

Advertising a lecture by Dr. Moya Bailey, assistant professor at Northeastern University.

Julie Najita, class of 1989, reading in the sun on the front porch of 1008 Park Street.

Photo of Darby gymnasium packed with friends and alumni to celebrate 100th Anniversary Day

1962 Varsity Soccer Team First Row: Al MacKnight, Bill Montfort, Jim Soble, Don Cook, Dave Scott, and Vince Anka. Second Row: Jim Ramsay, Ed Jones, Sandy Stern, Neil Weiner, Stu During, Ed Johnson, and Frank Chilingulo. Third Row: Coach Irv Simone, Dave Danley, John Johnson, Vance Opperman, Steve Brooks, Will Van Horne, and Steve Ellenwood. There is an additional photo of Bill Montfort controlling the ball in an undated scrimmage.

Two students posing in a dorm in front of an American flag in 1970's fashion for a disco.

1990 Senior Challenge group photo. Top row left to right: Mel Koch '91, Kate Guggenheim '90, Sally Campbell Pirie, Melissa McCain '89, Cori Sutherland '90, Tony Harris '90, David G. Bailey '90. Middle row left to right: unknown, Kathy Zabel '90, Elizabeth Barry '89, Becky Klein '90, unknown, Sasha Aslainian '90. Bottom row left to right: Corey Jones '90, unknown, Julie Runk '90, unknown, either Cindy Kadenage or Aly Jepsen '92.

Announcement of the 2017 endowed chairs installation ceremony.

Promoting a talk by Ambassador Kenneth M. Quinn, president of the World Food Prize Foundation.

Yin, Xiaorong.
Poster advertising a talk by Xiaorong Yin as part of his 2012 Davis Project for Peace.

Wagner, Thorsten, 1963-
Poster advertising a lecture by Thorsten Wagner on November 19, 2013, sponsored by the Center for International Studies.

A circle of students lounge beneath a tree in the fall of 1995.

David Shribman and E.J. Dionne, Jr., talk about the Iowa caucuses.

A booklet describing the need for new women's housing, as well as photographs of the new housing being built. Printed circa 1915.

Shelton, Garrett P.
This is an essay chronicling the history of the black studies major at Grinnell College, with an emphasis on the reasons it had such a short career. It also provides an overview of the CBS (Concerned Black Students) Manifesto of 1971.