Life at Grinnell College

Event programs, photographs, and other records that document student life on and around the Grinnell College campus.

By Eva Hill The City of Grinnell felt severe storm damage on Monday as high-speed winds whipped through Poweshiek County, knocking out power and felling trees across the city. There were no known serious injuries within the Grinnell city limits as a result of the storm, according to Grinnell Fire Chief Dan Sicard, but emergency services did respond to multiple calls in other parts of Poweshiek County (Sicard was unable to provide further details on these incidents). “There is ...

AIDS project display in Herrick Chapel. Undated.

Schedule of workshops put on by the Grinnell College Academic Advising Office in the fall of 2012.

Schedule of workshops put on by the Grinnell College Academic Advising Office in the fall of 2013.

Mcmullin, Robert
Photo of Adam Yarmolinsky, Rosenfield Lecturer and professor of Law at Harvard University.

Advertising two talks by Jasmeen Patheja, artist, activist and founder of Blank Noise.

Admissions counselor Charles J. Stiffler, class of 1964, with students from Iowa Valley Marengo Community High School, and their teacher Gary Morreson.

A group of students sit around a table working. April 29, 1969.

This is a photograph of the 1971 admissions staff. Features: Maurice Hunt Stephen P. Carroll Marilyn D. Scholl Roger H. Koester D. Nicholas Ryan

Students participating inthe 'Adopt-A-Grandparent' program

Announcing lecture by professor Morten Jerven on African economic development.

Poster announcing lecture by Alfredo Lopez of OFRANEH/Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras.

Announcing a talk by Micha Cárdenas, professor at University of Washington Bothell, on algorithms as analytic and practical tools for art and activism.

By Abraham Teuber The Student Government Association (SGA) Cabinet has spent the summer reimagining student government's function at Grinnell College, taking temporary steps to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic and implementing permanent anti-racist policies and goals. After classes ended in the spring, SGA leaders were anticipating more work this summer in communicating with College admin, faculty and staff to plan the school year amid a pandemic. What they didn't expect was a change within their own staff. At the ...

Invitation to a tea with Abraham Skorka, a rabbi and scientist who coauthored the book On Heaven and Earth: Pope Francis on Faith, Family, and the Church in the Twenty-first Century.

Photo of a visiting lecturer from Alabama and students

Henry, George T.
Alan E. Shackelford, class of 1971 and Elizabeth E. Landau, class of 1971 walk through central campus.

Mcmullin, Roger W.
Photo of Alice Rivlin, economist, Brookings Institution.

Students at the Alice in Wonderland party, April 1984. Left to right: Hyacinth Mason '85, Aasia Arif '85.

A band plays at the Alice in Wonderland Party, September 1984.