Life at Grinnell College

Event programs, photographs, and other records that document student life on and around the Grinnell College campus.

Students hang out on Cleveland Beach to celebrate the annual Alice in Wonderland party.

McMullin, Roger
Alicia M. Thomas, class of 1973, in the swimming pool in the Physical Education Complex.

Students sitting and standing at the all campus picnic

Photo of Allen Nakagawa, class of 1974. He is working the desk at the foot of the stairs in the Forum.

This is a photograph of the Alumni Association Board of Directors taken in front of Windsor House in November of 1983.

Photograph of Grinnell's 1974 Alumni Reunion Weekend. Featuring George B. Vanstrum, '45 and Fran Collins James, '34.

Photograph of Grinnell's 1978 Alumni Reunion Weekend. Featuring Ruth Neill Roche, '28 and J.R. Roche.

Photograph of Grinnell's 1980 Alumni Reunion Weekend. This photograph features Marion Lee McIntosh, '10 and Robert A. Lindsay, '10, who were honored at the Alumni Assembly.

Photographs of Grinnell's 1983 Alumni Reunion Weekend.

Spiegel, Amanda K
Amanda Spiegel's campaign poster, running for the position of SGA Vice President of Academic Affairs

The program of "An Evening in Ebony", an adaptation of Erma Clanton's "An Evening of Soul"

Announcing an exhibit celebrating the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s address to Grinnell College, Liberal Arts College in a World of Change.

Announcing a program based on the I Never Ask For IT project led by Jasmeen Patheja.

Henry, George T.
Andrew Morgan Davis, class of 1971 and Professor McKibben at Burling Library.

Andrew Sheehan, class of 1992, sits back and listens while his advisor speaks to him in their meeting in her office.

Angela Anderson, class of 1979, works in a science laboratory on May 5, 1978.

Halsey, Douglas T.
Photo of Ann Childs '77 working in the college bakery

The woman in the center of this photograph is Ann Goplerud, class of 1939. During WWII she served in the Red Cross and sang at hospitals and for troops moving out. She became incredibly popular and even earned the name "Ann of Iowa." She also served in the Red Cross during the Korean War. Ann's papers are housed in Special Collections and Archives.

Ann Shimokusu, class of 1979, in a science class on May 5, 1978. Taken for the Grinnell Minorities brochure.

Photo of the Fifth Annual conference on careers, May 12, 1941. From left to right: Mr. Elton C. Loucks; Mr. Frank J. Hertel; Miss Judith C. Waller; Mr. Allen W. Goodspeed; Dr. Emma Layman.