Life at Grinnell College

Event programs, photographs, and other records that document student life on and around the Grinnell College campus.

Student walking across a beam with a bucket on her head. Standing row: Leah M. Bradley (third from left). Sitting row: Ethan M. Cohen '86 (third from left), Penny S. Bates '83 (fourth from left), Janice A. Mineah '84 (fifth from right), Dave Piston '84 (fourth from right).

Students spinning with baseball bats. From left to right: Karyn A. Reif, Shari Carlson, Eric L. Pedicini , Shih Ming "Simon" Huang, Daniel J. Satterwhite, class of 1984, Daniel "Dan" A. Flynn, Mary H. Ester, Susan G. Schneck, Hyacinth R. C. Mason '85.

H. Wayne Moyer (Political Science) with students preparing to play twister/ground pooball(?). In the background, from left to right: Paul Tarini '83 (furthest left), William J. Wilcoxen '84 (far left, face half-covered by people in the front), Thandi Bergfalk '83 (in front of William, dark T-shirt), Allison Paich '83 (wearing a hat and holding a board), Laura Sinai (?) (next to Allison with cup in left hand), John F. Egan '84 (sitting with crossed legs), Julie A. Jones (striped shirt), Laura J. Davis '86 (wearing a camera), Chuck Platz '83 (behind Laura, not wearing a hat), Andrew Hopson (crossing his arms), Brian Gratch '83 (at the front, looking down), James B. Indiveri '83 (second guy from right, wearing t-shirt with text).

Group of students study together laying down on the floor.

Announcing a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.'s address to Grinnell College, Remaining Awake Through a Revolution.

John Abramowitz '05 and Ellie Kemple '06 relaxing on the grass at the Renaissance Faire on campus, October 2, 2004.

Benjamin Cantor-Stone '07 and fellow student waiting to get signed up at the Renaissance Faire on campus, October 2, 2004.

Karna Barquist '05, Ellie Kemple '06, and Electra Allenton '04 bellydance at the Renaissance Faire on campus, October 2, 2004.

Schedule for the sessions of the 2018 student research symposium

Schedule for the sessions of the 2017 student research symposium.

McMullin, Roger
Richard D. Belkin looking down Ann Flannery's throat as part of Grinnell-Rush Medical Program.

Kaeser, Susan
Richard Mellman, class of 1971, in a costume for homecoming.

McMullin, Roger
Richard Thorson, class of 1985, at an opera workshop during the Mayfest of Gilbert and Sullivan.

McMullin, Roger
Rima Miller holding a puppet the the 1977 Commencement.

Photo of Robert Coles speaking at the Poverty Symposium

Robert Noyce at 1969 Commencement

McMullin, Roger
Robert S. Rumely, class of 1975, drawing a diagram on the chalkboard at the Iowa Academy of Science.

Anthony Wheeler, class of 1972, and Anne Walter, class of 1973, at Rock Creek.

Photo of Dr.Roger C. Smith speaking at the Drug Symposium

A couple stands in the moonlight on the porch of Main Hall.