Life at Grinnell College

Event programs, photographs, and other records that document student life on and around the Grinnell College campus.

Student receives help with writing at the Writing Center, 1990.

Student finishing race

Young, Gifted, and Black Gospel Choir. First row from the back: Danielle Brinker '02 (second from left); Moser Mason (fourth from right); Jessica Leigh Kroeger '00 (second from right). Second row from the back: Jennifer L. Thornton '02 (first from left); Heather Thiessen Emmons '02(second from left). First row from the front: Courtney M. Jenkins '02 Second row from front, second from right: Akiko Kobayashi '02.

The Young, Gifted, and Black Gospel choir poses in Herrick Chapel in 1997.

Members of the 2011 Young, Gifted, and Black Gospel Choir. Top row/left to right: Chloe [last name unknown], Tchike [last name unknown], Ethan Cheeng '12, Matt [last name unknown], Harpreet [last name unknown], Scott [last name unknown], Marianne Vinaner '11. Middle row/left to right: [Unknown], [Unknown], Kaya, [Unknown], [Unknown], Sara Woolery, Sunny [last name unknown], Bottom row/left to right: Paula Nesbeth, Chelsi [last name unknown], Shantasia [last name unknown], Chontel Potter-Moss, Michelle '11 [last name unknown], Tequilla, Sonora Yuh, and Christina Snow.

Members of the Young, Gifted, and Black Gospel Choir practice or perform. The students are unidentified and the photo is undated.

Students sing during a Young, Gifted, and Black Gospel Choir performance. Bottom Row, Left to Right: Sybill Scott; Arlene Colvin; Shelly?; Richard Patterson?. Top Row Left to Right: Careda Rolland in the glasses; Ricky Stokes, Greg Lee?; Onishous Jones(OJ; Unknown; Dibbs.

Young, Gifted, and Black Gospel Choir in rehearsal. First row from front: Kristie D. Henderson '03 (first from left in suspenders); Tiffany C. Brunk '02 (striped shirt); Courtney M. Jenkins '02 (seccond from right, gold sweater). Second row from front: Heather Thiessen Emmons (?) (second from left). Back row: Marie L. Opsahl-Lister '03 (third from left).

Mcmullin, Roger W.
Photo of (from 12 o'clock) Peggy Neighbors, Pam Neil '79, Orly Edelist '78, Mara Varpa '77, Jo Ann Crawford '79, Sheryl Bautch '79, Zoe Rehula '79 and Martha Matson '78 doing a Yugoslavian dance, Moja Diridika