Digital Bridges to Dance

Digital Bridges to Dance is a collaborative project by Grinnell College professor Celeste Miller, MFA, and Grinnell College students Obuchi Adikema (Class of 2021, Vivero Fellow); Charlotte Richardson-Deppe (Class of 2019); and Naomi Worob (Class of 2019). The objects in this collection include methods for choreographers to collaborate across geographic distance for the purpose of professional artistic development; curriculum for dance-based experiential embodied practices that can be used by choreographers and other artists, classroom teachers, and community leaders; and documentation of the research and creative products of Miller, Adikema, Richardson-Deppe, and Worob.

Students drawing during an in-class drawing response exercise.

A tutorial on how to play the dance exchange game Exquisite Corpse.

Screenshot of Prezi presentation.

Screenshots from a Bodies in Public Spaces presentation by Celeste Miller.

Screenshots from video response posts shared between artists.

Photographs from Space and Environment Through Static Images presentation.

Thinking About What It Means to Not Work in the Material World is a zine created by Charlotte Richardson-Deppe about digital dancing research.

Screenshot of Susan Foster's website.

Screenshot of contemporary dance in a global context website.

Women wearing dresses with two fists held up, walking in a line.