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Two newspaper articles about Henry S. Conard's visit to Amsterdam, one from July 9th, 1935 and one from September 3rd, 1935. On this visit, he presented his paper on the sociology of American plant life to the Sixth International Botanical Congress.

The genera Darwiniothamnus Harling, Lecocarpus Decaisne, and Macraea Hook. f. are endemic to the Galapagos Islands. Although wood anatomy of Lecocarpus has been considered by Carlquist (1958) and Eliasson (1971), the material available hitherto has been twigs rather than mature wood. The other two genera have not been studied with respect to wood anatomy.

Hydrophyllaceae is a characteristically herbaceous family; only Eriodictyon Benth., Wigandia H.B.K., and the monotypic Turricula Macbr. can be considered woody (stems attaining a diameter of more than 1 em). Are plants such as these relicts from a woody ancestry, or is the family secondarily woody?

Wood Anatomy of Hydrophyllaceae. II. GeneraOther Tan Eriodictyon, with Comments on Parenchyma Bands Containing Vessels with Large Pits

This studiy of the anatomy of the family Polemoniaceae adds to the summaries compiled by Metcalfe and Chalk (1950 and Grant (1959)

Individual plants in gynodioecious populations of Phacelia linearis (Hydrophyllaceae) vary in flower gender, flower size, and flower number. This paper reports the effects of variation in floral display on the visitation behaviour of this species' pollinators (mainly pollen-collecting solitary bees) in several natural and three experimental plant populations, and discusses the results in terms of the consequences for plant fitness.

We report fndings of reciprocal transplant experiments intended to tease apart the roles of differentiation and plasticity in producing phenotypic variation across a geographic border between two plant subspecies. Clarkia xantiana ssp. xantiana and C. xantiana ssp. parvifora are California-endemic annuals that replace each other along a west–east gradient of declining precipitation.

We examine the contribution of plant–pollinator interactions to the geographic range limit of the California endemic plant Clarkia xantiana ssp. xantiana. We show that pollinator availability declined from the center to the margin of the geographic range consistently across four years of study.

Essay about tenor Roland Hayes (188701977) and the negro spiritual "Were You There" published in 1940 on Columbia Masterworks.

The objective of this study is to analyse how demographic parameters (intrinsic growth rate r and carrying capacity K ) and population density (N ) relate to occurrence probability (Pocc ).

Understanding the factors that afect rates of adaptation at range margins is crucial for interpreting and predicting changes in species’ ranges.

Using field measurements, two common garden studies, and QST–FST analyses, we examined environmental and genetic influences on plant phenotype across the geographical range of Clarkia xantiana ssp. xantiana.

The hypothesis that ecological differences play a role in the evolution of body colour variation within and between sexes in a radiation of endemic Hawaiian damselflies is tested.

A manuscript score of Edward Benjamin Scheve's Death and Resurrection of Christ written in 1905 or 1906 transcribed in Russian by Oleg Romanenko in 2016.

This paper examines the potential role of houses of worship as institutions where individuals can acquire civic skills that can be deployed for political participation in the world’s largest Muslim-majority democracy: Indonesia. Drawing on participant observation of almost 300 worship and non-worship gatherings in seven Muslim, Protestant, and Catholic religious communities in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, as well as interviews with members of these communities, this paper investigates two key questions: 1) what opportunities exist for members of Indonesian worship communities to develop and practice the civic skills that are believed to facilitate political participation? and 2) does civic skill opportunity vary across religious denominations? The study introduces an original Civic Skill Opportunity scale, which, when tested, shows that mosques are less likely to develop the civic skills among their worshippers than are churches. These denominational differences can be explained by a house of worship’s embeddedness in a confessional hierarchy, style of worship, and the relative size of the religious denomination. This study’s findings could have important implications regarding how we think about religion in Southeast Asia, especially Islam, as an impediment or incubator of democracy.

We investigated how plant species’ responses to soil texture might affect coexistence by analysing distributions, seedling emergence and performance, and competitive abilities of the winter annuals Clarkia speciosa ssp. polyantha and C. xantiana ssp. xantiana.

Presentation given on research into the use of electrolytes in making safer lithium-ion batteries.

Using comprehensive demographic data for two well-studied, short-lived plants (Plantago coronopus, Clarkia xantiana), we show that the arrangement of species’ demographic niches reveals key features of their environmental niches and geographic distributions.

The much-heralded use of data, analytics, and evidence-based decisions marks the U.S. presidencies of Obama and Trump.

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