Faculty Scholarship

Publications, working papers, performance programs, and other materials that document that scholarly and creative accomplishments of Grinnell College faculty and staff.

Special Collections and Archives exhibit brochure. Displayed in the Iowa Room.

The four-volume 1998 edition of Collembola of North America.

Booklet describing the habitats, history, discoveries and policies of the Conard Environmental Research Area (CERA) facility.

History of the Physical Education Complex building.

Description of an experiment utilizing a Mach-Zehnder interferometer.

Paper by Beryl E. Clotfelter, Professor Emeritus of Physics, on the history of Grinnell College's no-requirements curriculum and the establishment of the first-year tutorial.

Originally published in 1927. Updated and annotated 3rd edition by Larissa Mottl (2003)

The mathematical parallels between electrostatics and laminar fluid flow are exploited to develop a set of exercises that allow introductory physics students to discover Gauss's Law.

We report fndings of reciprocal transplant experiments intended to tease apart the roles of differentiation and plasticity in producing phenotypic variation across a geographic border between two plant subspecies. Clarkia xantiana ssp. xantiana and C. xantiana ssp. parvifora are California-endemic annuals that replace each other along a westG??east gradient of declining precipitation.

The Center for Prairie Studies at Grinnell College has prepared this brochure to help those wishing to visit prairie sites near Grinnell. The prairie blooms from May to October. Different species flower at different times, so repeat visits during a growing season will be rewarded with an ever-changing palette of colors. No two prairies will have the same mix of species.

Examines the characterization of the tough chick in the action genre and the narrative function she performs.

The terms of market exchange can, under certain conditions, even in competitive markets, reflect underlying power relationships.

This paper addresses implicit bargaining power within employment relationships.

Explores the ways Deleuze's philosophy of the cinema provides concepts that produce a new image of feminist thought in general.

Program for the faculty recital on November 30, 2006.

Program for concerts on Sept. 28, 2006; Nov. 9, 2006; Feb. 1, 2007; March 15, 2007.

Program for faculty recital on September 16, 2006.

This database includes all records of Collembola which are or were in the Collection of K. Christiansen. The records are mainly from North America but include some specimens from Mexico and Lebanon, Syria and China

Discusses the connections between Maya Deren's film Meshes of the Afternoon and her role within the history of the American avant-garde.

Program for organ, harp and brass concert on September 24, 2006.