Faculty Scholarship

Publications, working papers, performance programs, and other materials that document that scholarly and creative accomplishments of Grinnell College faculty and staff.

Examines the film philosophy of Felix Guattari through his writings and interviews.

Collection illustrating the process used for organizing the Grinnell C ollegeLibraries

George Gershwin's folk opera Porgy and Bess celebrated its 75th anniversary with nearly as much controversy as when it premiered in 1935.

Can Derry not only to successfully rewrite its past, but redirect its economic and social future?

Explores the history of the feminist movement in the Twentieth Century through the lens of film history.

Learn why Grinnell College Libraries enjoyed a 60% increase in the number of Library Labs, our customized research appointments, during fall 2011.

We examine the contribution of plant pollinator interactions to the geographic range limit of the California endemic plant Clarkia xantiana ssp. xantiana. We show that pollinator availability declined from the center to the margin of the geographic range consistently across four years of study.

The systems we use to record, communicate, and safeguard knowledge and experience, including our increasingly distributed and coordinated systems of curation, themselves increase complexity and risk, which will not be reduced, overall, by new or additional knowledge or technology. We must be careful not to overestimate what we think we know about the functioning of these complex systems, or to extrapolate too confidently from current trends.

This essay addresses people's emotional reactions to the word on the page using examples from the author's son's writings. His son is autistic and unable to speak.

Scholarly communication, in addition to referring to the disciplinary practices that structure the dissemination of scholarly knowledge, has become shorthand for two meanings: on the one hand, it refers to an analytic "author/reader" framework that seeks critical understanding of the entire life cycle of scholarly knowledge and the connected roles of researchers, teachers, students, funders, libraries, publishers, and other kinds of agencies in the creation, dissemination, critique, reuse, and preservation of knowledge.

Examines the trans/affect of Lady Gaga's carefully scripted display of the Jo Calderone persona in both his interview and fashion spread in Vogue Hommes Japan.

Essay about tenor Roland Hayes (1887-1977) and the negro spiritual "Were You There" published in 1940 on Columbia Masterworks.

A poster used at the 2013 ACRL conference in Indianapolis, IN, briefly describing the opportunities and merits of student employment in the Department of Special Collections and Archives at Grinnell College.

This chapter details several activities undertaken by the Grinnell College Libraries to increase student engagement.

This paper describes the process of creating, testing, and implementing LibGuides as a new way of communicating much-needed information between technical services and public services staff at Miami University Libraries.

A translation of Beowulf with notes by Timothy D. Arner, Eva Dawson, Emily Johnson, Jeanette Miller, Logan Shearer, Aniela Wendt, and Kate Whitman. Illustrations by Caleb Neubauer. This is the original posting to Digital Grinnell from October, 2013. A revised edition, posted to Digital Grinnell in April 2014, is available as grinnell:5317.

This article is a brief primer and survey of the current LOD landscape for those who are either new to LOD or wish to reacquaint themselves with LOD.

Here I present the results of use of an Echo SmartPen (Livescribe) in Chemistry 363.

Students do work on iPads that wirelessly connect to computer for projection and sharing