Faculty Scholarship

Publications, working papers, performance programs, and other materials that document that scholarly and creative accomplishments of Grinnell College faculty and staff.

This article seeks to offer a computational model that can parsimoniously account for many features of Collins's theory of conflict escalation.

To promote reproducibility, since 2009 all my empirical research has been cached in a data repository that captures all source code and data dependencies automatically or semi-automatically.

The objective of this study is to analyse how demographic parameters (intrinsic growth rate r and carrying capacity) relate to realized niches

Special Collections and Archives exhibit brochure.

Article exploring the ionic conductivity of LiBOB-doped electrolytes containing two silyl solvents

Understanding the factors that afect rates of adaptation at range margins is crucial for interpreting and predicting changes in species’ ranges.

Using field measurements, two common garden studies, and QST-FST analyses, we examined environmental and genetic influences on plant phenotype across the geographical range of Clarkia xantiana ssp. xantiana.

Article providing a theoretical foundation for analyzing how social stigma and adopted behavioral traits affect the transmission of HIV across a population.

Screen capture (taken February 4, 2015) of a web page listing several ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) copyrighted publications of Dr. Henry M. Walker, Grinnell College.

We present a decomposition of the Jacobian varieties for all curves of this type and prove that no such Jacobian variety is simple.

A bibliography of sources used in writing Flintknapping and American Flintknappers

The hypothesis that ecological differences play a role in the evolution of body colour variation within and between sexes in a radiation of endemic Hawaiian damsel? 1/4 ?ies is tested.

We present a new technique to study Jacobian variety decompositions using subgroups of the automorphism group of the curve and the corresponding intermediate covers.

A manuscript score of Edward Benjamin Scheve's Death and Resurrection of Christ written in 1905 or 1906 transcribed in Russian by Oleg Romanenko in 2016.

This essay explores the eighteenth-century campaigns in Britain to develop a new kind of imperial economy in the northern reaches of the Atlantic world that would focus less on settler colonies and agriculture, and more on the extraction of minerals, metals, and energy to fuel the burgeoning industrial sectors of England. These efforts reveal how new visions of enlightened progress emerged in the 18th and 19th century that imagined a world filled with endless natural resources capable of being tapped by those with the scientific and administrative know-how to do so.

Exhibition catalog for the Art Studio Faculty of Grinnell College in Spring 2016 in Faulconer Gallery in the Bucksbaum Center for the Arts at Grinnell College. Artists with works included are: Jeremy Chen, Mary Coats, Andrew Kaufman, Matthew Kluber, Evan McLaughlin, Andrew Orloski, Lee Emma Running, Jill Davis Schrift.

This piece analyzes the eighteenth-century campaigns to develop a maple sugar industry in North America as a way of undercutting slavery and the sugar-plantation complex of the Caribbean. It is part of a larger collection that examines how trees became woven into the cultural, economic, and political fabric of life in the eighteenth century, and uses the case of the sugar maple to explore the intersections between nature, enlightenment science, and new ambitions for societal reform.

This paper examines the potential role of houses of worship as institutions where individuals can acquire civic skills that can be deployed for political participation in the world's largest Muslim-majority democracy: Indonesia.

This data set is designed for testing the performance of optical character recognition