HADC - Waterloo Center for the Arts

As a partner of the HADC Project, the Waterloo Center for the Arts, located on the banks of the scenic Cedar River in downtown Waterloo, has the worlds’ largest public collection of Haitian Art in the world. The following selection displays a sample of paintings, metalworks, and drapos (flags) from their Haitian art collection.

Three figures dancing, with the central figure much larger in size and wearing horns. A fish and three birds are also depicted. Circular in shape.

Trois Marrasa Flag. 3 women standing one on the left, black hair, blue dress, holds a red heart. One in the center: blonde hair, red dress, holds a green cross. One on the right has black hair, gold dress, holds an anchor. At their feet are gold green and

Blue back ground large face lady with black hair and long arms. 2 headed green figure and two headed blue figure.

Fish. Blue and pink striped fish. The metal tail is cut where the gills should be. It has a hanger on the back. Other number: 59

Mermaid with bird on her tummy. On a brown stand.

La Sirene with Cello. Round Metal Work. Woman on left plays cello in center; serpent-like tail extends around bottom and makes s-shape on right side; circular shapes in relief on womans hair. Other number: 2

Papa Zaca / Farmer a man with a beard and a hat is surrounded by a leafy plant. There is some kind of flower or fruit growing on the plant.

Metal sculpture, two figures intertwined with planter.

Candle holder made from metal candle holder at the base, metal cutout of an elephant's profile facing the viewer's left cut out of vines around the elephant.

Bosou Flag a large black cow or bull with a white spot on its back and white hooves is tied to a gray tree with red and green leaves. Ther are two suns above and a red, white and blue six pointed star shape above the cow. 'Bossou' is in black sequins and beads surrounded by white pearl beads above the suns. Other number 141

UN Gunboat, Metal

(Purchased from David McCabe, Atlanta?) Mother and two children; hair and branches of trees form web of wavy curves around figures; all three figures and sun at top have smiling expressions.

Female figure with wings is sitting down with her legs spread open (looks like the letter V) Her feet are on the ground and she is facing forward. Small and square in size and shape.

Two figures that are facing each other are surrounded by trees (or branches). Both of them are touching their heads with their hands. Small and rectangular in size and shape.

Woman with stars, a 'woman's' body - 2 breasts and a navel. She has the head of a chicken, with one eye. There are star forms aroudn her. Below the signature is an additional inscription: '1x des bats Haiti' Other number: 20

(Ogoun/St. James flag) A man dressed 'western style' white pants, pink belt, green shirt white pockets and cuffs, black hat and boots. He is holding in his left hand a multi-colored 'rattle' there is a tree on each side blooming. All this is inside a circle that is surrounded by a border that has green ribbon around it. Tag that was taped to the back 'Oldof 'Gran Bois' $550.00' Other number: 135

Figures silhouetted against sunset with palms.

The woman's body is side-profiled with a mule's backend along with 2 birds perched. The metal work is a beveled cut-out of the torso and two rear legs of a mule that is merging with a woman. The woman's side profile shows her with a full head of hair, a view of one arm and hand (note: hand illustrates sharp claws or talons), and one leg with two long feathered birds perched near the knee cap. The woman and horse blend together, The woman has long fingernails and one long narrow leg leading to a point. (Note: follow up with Jolimeau - was this titled 'Sirene')

Greenish blue background with various yellow colored tree or branch shaped objects. Four bright orange faces are also depicted, two on top and two on the bottom. Outlined in black are eyes and the mouth with many white teeth showing.

Horse head, mermaid, bird. The head of a horse is in the body of merpat, the tail is also the back of a bird. The eye in the horse head and the bird are round holes.