HADC - Waterloo Center for the Arts

As a partner of the HADC Project, the Waterloo Center for the Arts, located on the banks of the scenic Cedar River in downtown Waterloo, has the worlds’ largest public collection of Haitian Art in the world. The following selection displays a sample of paintings, metalworks, and drapos (flags) from their Haitian art collection.

Zebras under fruit trees.

Zebras under fruit trees. 8 zebras 4 in the shade, 4 in the sun. Large mixed fruit tree.

An animal band, dancing.

Woman and horse with man's face. Both have long hair.

Sun with two birds. The interior of the sun features 5 faces. Four of the faces are in profile view, one is facing the viewer.

Flag. Decorative border with center square depicting a bowl in between two fighting snakes. A staff or cane across each snake.

Flag. Pink border with the center rectangle depicting a tree with a snake moving up it.

Flag. Grey cloth border with a sequined square in the center. In the middle of the square is a green and silver center piece. To each side there is a green snake with a red tongue coming out of its mouth. Letters at the top center read, ' Dambalhh'

Flag. Blue border with center square depicting a mermaid with black hair and a comb and mirror to her right side. Outlined in silver.