HADC - Waterloo Center for the Arts

As a partner of the HADC Project, the Waterloo Center for the Arts, located on the banks of the scenic Cedar River in downtown Waterloo, has the worlds’ largest public collection of Haitian Art in the world. The following selection displays a sample of paintings, metalworks, and drapos (flags) from their Haitian art collection.

One hooded figure in left corner, on the right side, a half naked figure on a cross. A dressed figure in the upper left corner with birds all over the place. The whole painting has pink and red dots on it.

Adam and eve and cruxifixion

Color full image of a village near a body of water. Several houses sit close to eachother in the foreground, a road winds up a mountain side in the distance. Crowds of people line the streets.

Flag or Banner. Woman and snakes. A nude blonde woman with a green snake wrapped around her and two other snakes going in opposite directions from her body. The woman appears to be infront of green drawn curtain. Black background with a voodoo symbol on e

Banner / Flag. Blue background material silver and pink sequins multi-color beads. On the bottom of the flag are solid circles of beads, two on each end with a solid oval of beads in the center. Above this is a shape that is either a butterfly or a flow

Banner / Flag. Green cloth with clear silver and pink sequins. Clear beads and long black beads, in the lower center is a circle outlined in black. Two long black shepard hoocks are coming out of the circle. In between these hooks is an oval white bead sh

Three men and one woman in a sitting room. Oval mirror on the wall at the viewer's right. The woman holds an infant in her arms.

Female portrait with an other figure

Moses and the 10 commandments. Translated title, ' God pardons Israel and gives to Moses the stone tablets.'

Flag. Blue border with center square depicting a figure wearing a blue, red and brown outfit. Also wearing a light green head piece while standing underneath a branch or tree.

Flag/ Banner. Madonna in beads ouside bugel beads clear…surrounded by fruits and stars

Landscape with winding path or road. A variety of green plant life lines the path. Tall tres, and many bushes. Several people walk on the path. Mountains can be seen in the distance.

Flag. Features a row of black diamonds above the head of a crowned and haloed female holding a crowned and haloed child. Erzulie Dantor. The letters M and B are depicted in the upper corners.

Flag/Banner La Sirene. Seated on a rock or other gray object. She wears a white blouse, has a gold tail, and long dark hair. The flag has a red satin border.

Figure is kneeling holding snake in his right hand. Bird purched on upper left arm.

Metal Wall Hanging, round. Two fish, one atop the other, each with toungue or spout extending from mouth and reaching out, curling around to touch another portion of the metal, below each fish's mouth.

Image of a landscape with trees. Small cottage with thatched roof visible on the viewer's left. Prominent tree also on the viewer's left. This tree has small red flowers or fruit. A man can be seen in the distance walking towards the cottage and the tree.