HADC - Waterloo Center for the Arts

As a partner of the HADC Project, the Waterloo Center for the Arts, located on the banks of the scenic Cedar River in downtown Waterloo, has the worlds’ largest public collection of Haitian Art in the world. The following selection displays a sample of paintings, metalworks, and drapos (flags) from their Haitian art collection.

Tall metal sculpture. Winged man / possibly woman with a tail riding a horse.

Banner / Flag. Dark pink cloth, fadded to pink at the bottom. Major damage on bottom. Dirty yellow fringe on left and right side. Signs that fringe was on the bottom. The banner hung by three loops at the top. Sequins are clear. Multi-colored beads round

Old haitian ceremonial flag

Found a tag on the floor in Vault 2. 10/26/2012 'St. Jacque Le Monger Damien Paul Painting' Unclear if this tag refers to 1981.0006, and unclear if the tag contains one or more misspellings or misinterpretations?

Flag. St. George on a white horse killing a green dragon. The background is black. 'Ogou-Patagri' wirtten at the top of the flag in blue beads.

Three figures with the center of one half clothed and completely green in color. Holding up it's hands they have holes in the center and are bleeding, a religious scene.

Tall dark trees line the sides of a path that leads to two small shelters. Four people can be seen in the pathway. Three of them are women who carry baskets on their heads. In the distance an orange/yellow light shines through the trees.

Flag. Banner featuring a person with black hair a pink dress. A person in blue sitting at her right. A pink fish head at her 'feet'. There is a brown pot with black lines in the center.

Large central figure in brown. Lower half of figure is bent and shaped like a pipe. There is a smoke coming out of the pipe ending with a death like face.

La Sirene. Mermaid with a man on her….? The mermaid's tail and arm have blue glass and mirror on them. The mermaid has a green marble for her eye. The man is wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt.

On back of work: 'Village Scene'

Flag. conservation work which allowed the piece to be framed more nicely

A trunk with 3 branches, one on either side that bend down and touch the ground. The thrid branch is shor and in the middle. Each large branch has thirteen leaves. The center branch has three leaves.

Two cards on the table, Ace of clubs, Ace of diamonds.

Flag. Decorative border with center square depicting various symbols. In the center a red and green circular shape with the letter x in the middle. Also depicts a cup and a bell in the lower part of the flag.

Flag. Decorative border with center square depicting a red, white and black faced creature with many arms, an octopus.

Gede Flag. In front of a structure is a white cross with a snake draped on the cross. The snake is holding a candle in its mouth. In front of the cross is a man playing a drum. On the left side a man with a cane appears to be dancing another man on the right holding a rattle in his right hand, and a red bottle with a white cross in his left. There is a black and white goat in front of the drum and a skull with a candle in front of the man with a bottle. Inside the structure is a small picture of holy person holding a crucifix.

Horse. On a pedestel is a half fish. The front is a horse head and two legs, the back is a fish tail. Tehre is also a horse tail, four holes.