HADC - Waterloo Center for the Arts

As a partner of the HADC Project, the Waterloo Center for the Arts, located on the banks of the scenic Cedar River in downtown Waterloo, has the worlds’ largest public collection of Haitian Art in the world. The following selection displays a sample of paintings, metalworks, and drapos (flags) from their Haitian art collection.

Winged female figure with tail, lifting up her arms, while flowers grow beneath her. Small and rectangular in size and shape.

Rooster, large metal rooster profile standing on two feet on a base, large tail feathers the beak is pointing down.

Two figures, one is standing the other is kneeling down. The standing figure is holding branches or twigs. Medium and rectangular in size and shape.

Sirene, mermaid with her tail curled up behind her. Her arm is bent it looks like she is beckoning with finger. She is on a base.

Round, face in center possible … surrounded by leaves and red blossoms.

Unframed. Bright colors, person standing under a banana tree (large figure has no legs) in back of tree is a white hut with orange and yellow roof - two figures in the house.

Four faces, 3 with bodies.

Three figures of similar size dancing. Various arrow type shapes are spread out all around them. Circular in shape

Ogoun / St. James Flag. A person who looks like he is dressed in cowboy / western style. Red jeans large white pockets, blue shirt with white collar, cuffs, pockets and buttons and a black hat he is holding a multi colored item in his right hand and under his left arm is a gold and white cup. A candle and several other rectangular items. There are red heart shaped leaves and green shamrock shaped leaves in three areas. Other number: 130

Figure with voodoo symbol, symbol resembles an octopus?

Merbird. A rooster head is on top of a body. The upper torso, arm hand and posslbythe butt are rooster-esque, and then the shape turns into a birds body with 2 wings and one leg and one foot. Other number: 13

Bull with wings. A bull standing upright on cloven hooves. On his chest is a lizard, on the right side of his neck is a dog head on the left side is a cat head. He has horns and two wings. Other number: 14

Group of seven children dancing, playing instruments; boy in hat at far left holds sign reading "Rebecca Rara Gona Ives" one girl, third from left has textured skirt. Other number: 23. Rara Parade (circa 2000) Jean Sylvestre studied the metal arts under masters Janvier Louisjuste and Serge Jolimeau. This piece depicts a parade, a typical component of the Lenten celebration of Rara.

Flag/Banner. Multi-colored beads. There is either one face or two. Black and white eye markings on each cheek. Poibbly 3 teeth, out of the mouth are two long gold snakes. There are red 'star' symbols, a bottle, a cup, a rattle, a candle, an island, with 2 flags star shape and Haiti is spelled backward on the lower right. The Banner is stretched out of shape. Measurments represent the widest.

(Unbacked ceremony flag) 2 men on either side of a black bulls head with gold horns. The man on the right is dressed in black and smoking a pipe. The man on the left is black trousers and gold shirt and with is left hand is holding a blue snake to his mouth. Tlhere is a cup, a candle, and 5 playing cards -all aces. Other number: 119

2 women and man in front of a small building. White with a red door and dark roof. One woman has a basket on her head, the other woman is talking to the man. There is a basket on the ground between them.

Small flag pink and yellow background 'La Sirene' in Letters at top, silver face, black hair, body is pink and tale is white, pink, and silver.

Hair extends in half circle around center girl and horse; bird on left side; textured surface covers much of wavy strands extending from head; dull bronze color.

Flag. Baron La Croix. A black and white cross mounted on a black skull on top of a white box. There is a black box with a gold shaped coffin on it. On each side of the cross is a white skull. Other number: 137

Lower center is a black stick type figure, to each side is a purple colored face. Above this are three purple faces as well. The one in the middle is the largest in size. All depict a mouth with many white teeth showing.