HADC - Waterloo Center for the Arts

As a partner of the HADC Project, the Waterloo Center for the Arts, located on the banks of the scenic Cedar River in downtown Waterloo, has the worlds’ largest public collection of Haitian Art in the world. The following selection displays a sample of paintings, metalworks, and drapos (flags) from their Haitian art collection.

Figure with bulls head, standing on back feet carrying a sword.

Bright colors, 3 figures 1 sitting. Squares and rectangles in the background. Pink branches or clouds.

Three figures standing next to eachother. The two on the ouside may be sea creatures for they have tails. A bird is located on each side of the piece. Circular in shape.

Winged figure standing on one leg, bending over and touching a bird. There is a bird on each side of the figure. Small and rectangular in size and shape.

Orange background with pink and green flowers.

St. Patrick/ Damballah flag. A figure staning with a blue, red, and gold robe. He has a cane in his right hand and there are 3 snakes with their heads at his feet. He is wearing a whtie cap. Pinned to the back was tag- 'Holding Od 700-' Other number: 129

Woman with basket. A standing figure with 2 earrings, a basket on her head. Her right arm is raised. Beside the signature under her navel, is an additional inscription: 'Lix des Bats Haiti.' Other number: 21

(dancing boy) A young man on one leg; the other leg is up as if dancing; his right arm is up; in his left hand he is holding a paper or book; there is a band around his neck, both arms, and both legs; there is a head, with a band around its neck; long body comnig from the ground next to him.

Erzulie Dantor Flag. Woman holding a child, the woman is dressed in blue, black, green, red and yellow. The child is in gold both have halos. There are 4 green and red stars and 1 large green, yellow, blue and red star. Other number 134

Tap, Tap, Metal

Wall hanging, grid like construction with a heart shape at the center and two flourishes extending down and outward from both sides.

Yellow background with various red, blue and one white objects, as seen behind six faces. Three are yellow faced figures and are in the upper part of the painting. Two are blue faced and in the corner. The mouth wih many white teeth are shown.

Large head with wings above eight different heads on long necks. Its all one piece.

Woman with bird. A winged woman with a tail stands on one foot with a bird behind her. Ther left leg is straight, her right let is bent at the knee, she has a long finger nail on her finger. Other number: 18

Papa Gede Flag. A skeleton wearing sunglasses, he is stepping on a snake that is surrounding him. There is a white hat and two candles in the upper left corner. 2 candles and a black cross in the lower left corner, there is a red heart under him and a bottle near or on his left shoulder.

Figure standing on one leg, bent over with a bird perched on it's back. Medium and rectangular in size and shape.

Three figures with only the heads showing in the upper right corner. Each figure has a pink face and and open mouth, with many white teeth showing. Middle figures seems to be wearing a pink/blue and red flowing dress.

Bright pink/red colored background with one figure in the center. The figure has both arms up and pointing out. One hand has three fingers the other has four. One let is straight. The other is out stretched and wider in shape. Various items depicted

Jungle Scene with Animals

Chickens that look like snakes with feathers a blue black one and a red orange one. A person with brown face, large eyes and blue body.