Jimmy Ley Collection

James “Jimmy” J. Ley attended Grinnell College for two years before enlisting in the U.S. Army Air Force in 1942. Ley’s papers include an extensive series of correspondence written by Ley during his time at Grinnell and in the army air force, as well as personal items, photographs, and military documents.

Jimmy's photo rests on a fireplace mantel and flowers surround the fireplace. A United States flag hangs on the wall. Undated.

Jimmy and his parents stand outside of a home. Possibly 1943.

Members of Jimmy Ley's family in front of a house. Possibly 1943.

Lucille and William Ley Anniversary. Undated.

Lucille and William Ley stand in front of a fireplace and receive Jimmy's medals from a man dressed in a military uniform. A United States flag hangs on the wall behind them and Jimmy's photograph rests ont he fireplace mantel between them. Undated.

Poem written by Lucille Ley after the death of her son, Jimmy. Undated.

A framed head-and-shoulders portrait of Jimmy Ley wearing his mission gear.

A framed head-and-shoulders portrait of Jimmy Ley wearing a suit and tie.

Jimmy Ley's Citation of Honor certificate given to his family by H.H. Arnold on the occasion of Jimmy's death.

Young Jimmy with another unidentified child. Undated.