Jimmy Ley Collection

James “Jimmy” J. Ley attended Grinnell College for two years before enlisting in the U.S. Army Air Force in 1942. Ley’s papers include an extensive series of correspondence written by Ley during his time at Grinnell and in the army air force, as well as personal items, photographs, and military documents.

Ley, Jimmy
Jimmy prepares for a 48 hour pass. He mentions a Stars and Stripes article that said rationing will end in ’44.

Ley, Jimmy
Jimmy describes New Year’s dinner and reflects on his time at Grinnell.

Ley, Jimmy
After his short visit to London, Jimmy looks forward to a longer furlough. He received a Christmas card from Bill Vance, his Grinnell roommate. Jimmy earned an Oak Leaf Cluster and has completed fifteen raids.

Ley, Jimmy
In his response to his parents’ Christmas letter, Jimmy tells about his visit to London and mentions the Russian invasion of Poland.

Ley, Jimmy
Jimmy writes to say he is well and happy and received the Air Medal.