Community Contributions

Photographs and documents related to the history of Poweshiek County contributed by individuals. Contributions from throughout the county are welcome and include the communities of Barnes City, Brooklyn, Deep River, Ewart, Grinnell, Guernsey, Hartwick, Malcom, Montezuma, Searsboro and Victor.

Photograph of Chester Center Store in Chester Township, Iowa, which was destroyed by fire in 1939. Pictured are H. G. Sutton, Beck Sutton, Mildred Sutton, and Aline Lidtka Petersen. Photograph was taken in the late 1920s

View from the center of Central Park in Grinnell, Iowa, looking northwest towards the intersection of Broad Street and Fourth Avenue. The Congregational Church and Merchants' National Bank are visible at the intersection. Horses and buggies are parked to the north of the park; automobiles are parked along Broad Street. Kruxo postcard. Drake Community Library (Grinnell, Iowa) Archives. Miscellaneous photographs. Collection #17-5, Views of Grinnell.

Postcard photo of three Grand Army of the Republic members from Brooklyn, Iowa, relaxing on the grounds of the Poweshiek County Courthouse in Montezuma, Iowa, possibly at some sort of celebration. Left to right: Joe Karr, who drove the veterans to Montezuma; Hiram Frease, standing and holding the flag; Frank Dayton and Capt. George Phillips, both seated. Joe Karr was a dry goods merchant in Brooklyn, Iowa. The benches in front of the Karr store were favored places for Civil War veterans to sit and talk. Joe Karr, born in 1865, was not a Civil War veteran himself, although he may have been a GAR member through a relative.

Students at the Cleland school in rural Poweshiek County, Iowa, about 1920. The Cleland School was probably the rural school located on the northeast corner of Section 19, in Pleasant Township, about a half mile west of Ewart. The school was adjacent to the William Cleland farm Front row, from left to right: Don Cleland, Waunita Johnson, Helen Cleland, Pauline Johnson. Back row: Unidentified teacher, Lela Farley, Genevieve Johnson, Lora Cleland, Eugene McCormick, Louise Cox.

Members of the Brooklyn CWW Club (Community Welfare Workers). The group often put on plays and entertainments and are dressed in costume here. From left to right: Clara Johnson, Elizabeth Torrance, Abby Carmichael, Mabel Brannian, Mildred Torrance, Blanche Otto, Betty Gritsch.

Postcard of the Congregational Church, Grinnell, Iowa, which was located on the northeast corner of Broad Street and Fourth Avenue. Stewart Library building is visible in the background.

Postcard of the Congregational Church, Grinnell, Iowa, which was located on the northeast corner of Fourth Avenue and Broad Street. View from Broad Street.

Interior of the dental office which was located at 901 1/2 Main Street in Grinnell, Iowa. Dentists who were located there were O.H. Gallagher from 1905-1934, D.C. Hudson in 1935, and K.L. Hoefert from 1938-1940. This image was given to Bill Hammen of Hammen's Jewelry many years ago by a woman who said her grandfather had been a dentist in this space. Unfortunately neither the name of the woman nor her grandfather's name was recorded, so we have no way of knowing who is in this picture. Probably one of the white coated men is the dentist and the other is his assistant as there was never a time when there was more than one dentist practicing in this space.

Farmer, likely a member of the Dunham family, seated on a wheeled plow behind two draft horses. Photo was taken between 1912-1927 by Egbert Dunham.

The barn on the Dunham farm, named Elm Grove, in Chester Township near Grinnell, Iowa. Photo shows the silo in front of the end of the barn. An automobile is in the foreground. A water pump is in the foreground.

Looking east toward the north side of East Main Street in Montezuma, Iowa, in approximately 1920. The photo was taken from approximately the intersection of East Main Street and 5th Street. Visible are the Ford garage and H & M Auto Co.

Photograph of four children identified as Aline Lidtka, Elaine Lidtka, Carolyn Lidtka, and Rosemarie Bollinger (in hat) sitting in a horse-drawn cart. A barn and silo are in the background. The photograph was taken in the late 1920s.

Fourth of July picnic at 1321 Broad Street in Grinnell, Iowa. At the time this was the home of Aldace Child.

Frank R. Burns portrait taken by Child Studios, Grinnell, Iowa.

Portrait of Fred Spaulding taken during the 1920's at Child Photography in Grinnell, Iowa.

Postcard view of Garfield School in Montezuma, Iowa. A handwritten note on the back of the card reads, "where the old mill used to be." The building, which stood near the location of current (2016) day Brownell's was demolished sometime after 1993. Postcard was published by L.L. Cook, Lake Mills, Wisconsin.

Postcard contains collage of photos of Grinnell buildings. Clockwise from top left: Stewart Public Library, Congregational Church, Chicago & Blair Halls, Campus view looking northwest, High school, Mears Cottage, M.E. Church, Goodnow Hall, Armory, and Main Street looking north from the corner of 4th and Main. Published by R. Steinman & Co., St. Paul. c.146.

Interior shot of the Grinnell Country Club at Halloween. Photo by Child Art Rooms. The Country Club was built in 1915.

Business card, circa 1920, of H.V. Griffith, agent for Lennox furnaces in Grinnell, Iowa. Directory of other Grinnell businesses on verso of card.

Hattie Child Hammond in Grinnell, Iowa, about 1920. Hattie was married to Walter Hammond and was the mother of 7 children: Russell, Walter, Arthur, Aldace, Mae, Harold and Bruce.