Community Contributions

Photographs and documents related to the history of Poweshiek County contributed by individuals. Contributions from throughout the county are welcome and include the communities of Barnes City, Brooklyn, Deep River, Ewart, Grinnell, Guernsey, Hartwick, Malcom, Montezuma, Searsboro and Victor.

Making hay, probably at the Charles Broyles farm near Barnes City, Iowa. Horse drawn wagons piled high with hay are visible as well as some sort of steam powered vehicle and a silo.

Switchboard operators who worked for the Interior Telephone Company (I.T.C.) in the building located on 5th Avenue in Grinnell, Iowa. The woman in the lower right hand corner is Helen Gregson Dimit.

Photograph of U.S. Highway 6 with newly paved surface near Grinnell, Iowa.

Farmers with horse drawn wagons in a field at harvest time. Kruxo postcard published by The Cottage Studio, H.S. McDonald, proprietor, Brooklyn, Iowa.

Inside the Child family home at 534 Main Street, Grinnell, Iowa. From left to right: Aldace Child, Margaret Matthews, Susie Child, woman identified only as "Mother," Mrs. Burroughs, and Ruth Walker.

Edna Mae Meldrem and Jennie and Anna Otto pose at a family gathering sitting on the running board of an automobile.

Mae Hammond Burns portrait taken by Child Studio.

Charles Broyles making hay and driving a horse-drawn farm implement on his farm near Barnes City, Iowa, in the 1920s

The Montezuma High School building (no longer extant) at the corner of Wood Street and South 4th Street in Montezuma, Iowa. The little girl in the foreground is Maxine Cox Ammann.

Early photo of McNally's Meat Market in Grinnell, Iowa.

Merchants' National Bank, Grinnell, Iowa, with many people standing outside. A clock is mounted on the corner of the bank. A flag is hanging near the doors.

Montezuma (Iowa) high school students in the 1920s. Third row, fourth from the left is Alvin Johnson.

Three views of Newburg, Iowa, showing the general store and the church with automobiles parked along the street.

Postcard image of what is believed to be the Palmer children. Postcard was sent to Mrs. C.A. Palmer (Nora Belle) and is signed, "With love, Mother" and "Emory Brown."

View of the Pella Historical Museum in Pella, Iowa, with a man and woman in traditional Dutch costume posing in front.

Reverend W. P. and Mrs. Horn and son pose in the snow. Reverend Horn was a pastor at a church in Montezuma, Iowa, in the late 1920s.

Rudolph Renfrow in the early 1920s outside his home at 411 First Avenue in Grinnell. This picture was taken just before he left Grinnell to attend the Hampton Institute in Hampton, Virginia.

Rudolph Renfrow and his father, Lee Augustus Renfrow, in the early 1920s outside their home at 411 First Avenue in Grinnell.

Photograph of Baker Chambers (rural mail carrier driving the cart) delivering mail in a horse-drawn cart to Ed Lidtka (standing) in the winter in the 1920s.

Collection of poems, prayers and news clippings collected by Henry W. Spaulding for his daughters, Alice and Henryetta. Handwritten note at top of page says, "For Alice and Henryetta, some day, if they are interested in what [indecipherable] tried to do."