Community Contributions

Photographs and documents related to the history of Poweshiek County contributed by individuals. Contributions from throughout the county are welcome and include the communities of Barnes City, Brooklyn, Deep River, Ewart, Grinnell, Guernsey, Hartwick, Malcom, Montezuma, Searsboro and Victor.

Color postcard view of the interior of Wellhouse Studio, a photography studio located in Grinnell, Iowa. Postcard addressed to Mrs. Justin Ginger, Calumet, Iowa, and postmarked February 8, 1961, in Grinnell. Drake Community Library (Grinnell, Iowa) Archives. Miscellaneous photographs. Collection #17-2, Grinnell Buildings.

At the time of the 35th anniversary of the Hartwick State Bank (Hartwick, Iowa) there was a dinner for customers held in the basement of the Hartwick Congregational Church.

Frosty Mitchell of KGRN radio station, Grinnell, Iowa, interviews Russell Gabriel upon the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the Hartwick State Bank in 1962. Ken Benda, bank president, looks on.

Hartwick State Bank founder, Ben Roudabush (center), poses with former Hartwick bankers, Lucille and W.N. Shellenbarger. The photo was taken at the time of the bank's 35th anniversary celebration in 1962.

The Hartwick State Bank Board of Directors taken in 1962 during the bank's 35th anniversary celebration. From left to right: Ken Benda, Ben Roudabush, Clarence Possehl, Godfrey Veight, Wayne Ryan, and Howard Olson.

Customers line up at the Hartwick State Bank in Hartwick, Iowa, during the bank's 35th anniversary celebration in 1962. Behind the counter are: Howard Olson, Ken Benda and Ruth O'Halloran. The customers in line are: Chet Simpson, Sr.; Everette Williamson; Grace Ketterling; Adolph Chvala; Marge Rhinehart; and Mildred Bees.

Lucille Ryan serves coffee to Ted Miller and Cecil Roberts on the occasion of the 35th anniversary dinner for customers of the Hartwick State Bank (Iowa) in 1962.

The original Hartwick State Bank customers from the time the bank opened in 1927 posed for a picture at the time of the bank's 35th anniversary in 1962. Front row, from left to right: Carrie Starry, Harlan Wessel, Fritz Roth, Bill Starry, Freeman Dayton, Grace Dayton, Mary Fearneyhough, Gladys Williamson, Cliff Williamson. Second row (seated): Mrs. Bert Cleppe, Bert Cleppe, Emil DeRycke, Grace DeRycke, J.T. Benda, Wallace Ryan, Mrs. Albert Peska, Albert Peska. Back row (standing): Anna Iezek, Mrs. Louis DeRycke, Ward Fearneyhough, Alyce Vermace, Louis DeRycke, Ben Roudabush, Lucille Benda, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Martens, Charlie Ostrom, Celia and Nelson Korns, Emil DeRycke, Mary and Henry DeRycke, Godfrey Veit, Lloyd and Ruth Lambert, David McIlrath, Clarence Possehl, Joe Iezek, Fred Bees, Raymond Smith, Leonard Dee, Tom Iezek.

Davis School students from Mrs. Salmon's 3rd grade class in 1963. Front row, left to right: Vickie White, Shelly Johnson. Middle row, left to right: Margaret Holcomb, Becky ?, Leila McCully, Patty Beam, Debbie Lowry, Phyllis Vance. Back row, left to right: Patty Wilson, Kay Phipps, Pam Smith, Cheryl Huyser, Susan Kriegel, Susan Johnson.

Photograph of Sammy (Eldon) Petersen with his grandson, Mike Groves, riding a tractor. Heat houser is visible on the tractor, which kept heat in so the driver could stay warm. Photograph is dated April, 1963.

815 Seventh Avenue, Grinnell, Iowa, in 1964. This house was the home of Benjamin and Gladys Schoonover Tarleton from 1921 or 1922 until the mid-1980s.

This picture was taken at the south edge of the property at 7 College Park Road looking to the southwest. In the back left is a view of Norris Hall before the fourth story was added. The white house behind the children which is now (2017) the Conney M. Kimbo Black Cultural Center was at that time a private residence where the Hansons who ran the Ben Franklin store lived. The children are, left to right: Mona (a friend), Karna Smith, Trouble (the dog) and Bruce Smith. Probably taken in the winter of 1964/65.

Mrs. Barber's fifth grade class at Bailey Park School, Grinnell, Iowa, May 27, 1965. Front row, left to right: Stuart Fisher, Jon Baumgartner, Tristram Parslow, John Dayton, Jim Puls, Gary Eurom, Eric Christiansen, Rick Halstead, Dave Dale. Second row, left to right: Debra Collum, Jeanne Pinder, Patty Bass, Pam Groth, Cindy Staecker, Donna Hull, Cindy Gruehn, Harriet Clements, Diane Morrison. Third row, left to right: Vicky Vinall, Sheryl Huyser, Donna Vaness, Cindy Mielak, Karen Koger, Nancy Pierce, Mary Jane Dee, Shirley Callison, Eloise Helmke, Carla Baron, Nancy Eickelberg, Pam Matthews. Back row, left to right: Gordon Neufand, Bob Snook, Mrs. Barber (teacher)

The Colonial Theater in Grinnell, Iowa, with its windows boarded up.

Dr. Stan Greenwald in scrubs.

General Telephone building on 5th Avenue in Grinnell, Iowa, in 1965. View is looking north and slightly west. The Grinnell-Herald Register building and a Citgo gas station are visible in the background.

View of the General Telephone company building in Grinnell, Iowa. Taken looking north and west from the corner of 5th Avenue and Broad Street in 1965. Eyestone Insurance company and an ice cream store are on the corner.

View of the west side of Broad Street looking south from 5th Avenue in 1965. Businesses visible include Tots (a children's clothing store), Grinnell Office Supply, Pagliai's Pizza, Norris and Hays Heating and Air Conditioning, Lennox Air Conditioning and Heating.

Sixth grade girls from Mr. Bakerinck's class at Davis School in Grinnell, Iowa, in 1966. Front row, left to right: Kathy Large, Patty Dimit, Sandy Schwartzferger, Karen Koger, Thelma Nelson, Jan Evans. Back row, left to right: Nancy K., Debbie Lowry, Marcia Pierce, Barb Brown, Pam Smith, Margaret Holcomb, Diane Morrison.

Mr. Bakerinck's sixth grade class at Davis School in Grinnell, Iowa, in 1966. Front row, left to right: Bertie and Jacob Diehm, Billy Gilbraith, Kevin Hobbs, George McGilvrey, Scott Marcum, Larry Jones, Kathy Large, Sandy Schwartzferger. Middle row, left to right: Curt Phipps, unidentified, John Dayton, Barb [last name not known], Karen Koger, Jan Evans, unidentified, Patty Dimit. Back row, left to right: Pam Smith, Diane Morrison, Thelma Nelson, unidentified, Nancy [last name not known], unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, Mr. Bakerinck.