Community Contributions

Photographs and documents related to the history of Poweshiek County contributed by individuals. Contributions from throughout the county are welcome and include the communities of Barnes City, Brooklyn, Deep River, Ewart, Grinnell, Guernsey, Hartwick, Malcom, Montezuma, Searsboro and Victor.

Brown Photographers (Marshalltown, Iowa)
Studio portrait of Abi Frances Alden Palmer, wife of Anson Hayden Palmer. They married in 1877. Portrait by Brown, Marshalltown, Iowa.

Photograph of the Frederick and Henrietta Ahrens family on the front steps of their home at Sixth Avenue and Penrose in Grinnell, Iowa. The photo was probably taken about 1900, a few years after Frederick Ahrens lost his life in a farm accident involving runaway horses. Bottom row: Lizzie Myers, William Ahrens, Wilhelmina "Minnie" Ahrens, Frank Ahrens. Top row: Edward Ahrens, Annie Kuder, Henrietta Hücke Ahrens, Dora Ahrens Geiger, Ella Ahrens McMillan, Henry Ahrens.

Brooks Art Studio (Grinnell, Iowa)
Anna Catherine Craig and her son Will Goode. Anna was Edith Renfrow Smith's aunt on her mother's side. Portrait by Brooks Art Studio, Grinnell, Iowa.

Brown Photographers (Marshalltown, Iowa)
Studio portrait of Anson Hayden Palmer, who founded Newburg, Iowa, on land purchased by his father, Horace Palmer. Portrait by Brown, Marshalltown, Iowa.

Jacob Martin ("Jake") Norris, with paper in his hand, stands with a road building crew in Poweshiek County, Iowa. Numerous teams of horses and mules hitched to road building equipment are working on a steep hill.

View looking east on the Rock Island railroad tracks in Grinnell, Iowa. Chapin House is on the left; the depot is visible in the distance. On the very far left of the image the pillars of the porch of the Monroe Hotel can be seen. Drake Community Library (Grinnell, Iowa) Archives. McNally photographs. Collection #1, Series #1-2.

Photograph of the Chester Church in its original location in Chester Township, Iowa. Originally a Congregational Church, it was given in 1996 to the congregation of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Grinnell, Iowa. St. Paul's paid for the structure's relocation to its present site on State Street and 6th Ave. This photograph dates from the early part of the 20th century.

Civil War veterans in Grinnell, Iowa.

Come Back Cafe in Grinnell, Iowa. It was located on Commercial Street in what is currently (2014) the parking lot to the south of Grinnell State Bank. The window advertises "Regular Dinner" for 25 cents and "Hot Cakes" for 15 cents. Coca-Cola sign under window.

Exterior view of the First Baptist Church (Grinnell, Iowa) at 4th Avenue and Park Street looking northeast with a group of women and children in Sunday dress. Note the wooden sidewalk; streets had not yet been paved. Notable steeple. Picture was taken some time before 1906 when the Brand Apartments were built.

Interior view of the First Baptist Church (Grinnell, Iowa) located at 4th Avenue and Park Street. View faces altar and organ pipes, includes empty pews and electrical chandelier.

C. U. Williams Photoette
Postcard view of Fourth Avenue in Grinnell, Iowa, looking west from the intersection of Fourth Avenue and Broad Street. Mud streets, electrical poles along the streets. Postcard produced by C. U. Williams Photoette, Bloomington, Illinois. Drake Community Library (Grinnell, Iowa) Archives. McNally photographs. Collection #1, Series #1-1.

George Full "Jud" Gilbert and Edgar Elliott pose in their buggy in front of the Monroe Hotel in Grinnell, Iowa, circa 1900-1910. Jud Gilbert is the driver and Edgard Elliott is the passenger. The horses' names are Maud and Dandy.

Grinnell High School football team, unknown year, possibly the early 1900s.

Grinnell High School football team from the early 1900s.

View of the Rock Island railroad station in Grinnell, Iowa. Probably taken in the early 1900s.

Child Art Rooms (Grinnell, Iowa)
Portrait of Joel Stewart wearing a hat and a fur coat. Stewart was a Grinnell farmer and politician who funded the building of the Stewart Library building in 1901. Photo taken by Child Art Studio in 1901. Drake Community Library (Grinnell, Iowa) Archives. McNally photographs. Collection #1, Series #1-2.

The Broyles family poses in front of their farm home near Barnes City in Poweshiek County, Iowa, in the early twentieth century. From left to right: Charles Broyles, Floyd Broyles, and Lucy Broyles holding Ross Broyles.

View looking west from Park Street on 4th Avenue in Grinnell, Iowa, with carriages parked along the street. The high school is visible on the far right side of the photograph, and to the left of that is the First Congregational Church (the Old Stone Church). Drake Community Library (Grinnell, Iowa) Archives. McNally photographs. Collection #1, Series #1-2.

Miniature photograph of the M.E. Church at the corner of 5th Avenue and Park Street in Grinnell, Iowa. On the verso is a photograph of Goodnow Hall on the Grinnell College campus. The photo of Goodnow shows the observatory dome which was removed in 1926. Drake Community Library (Grinnell, Iowa) Archives. Miscellaneous photographs. Collection #17-2, Grinnell Buildings.