Community Contributions

Photographs and documents related to the history of Poweshiek County contributed by individuals. Contributions from throughout the county are welcome and include the communities of Barnes City, Brooklyn, Deep River, Ewart, Grinnell, Guernsey, Hartwick, Malcom, Montezuma, Searsboro and Victor.

Postcard view of North Broad Street in Grinnell, Iowa, in winter. The view is looking north from the intersection of Broad Street and Ninth Avenue. Postcard is addressed to Mr. Elmer Dawkins, Montrose, Colorado, and postmarked August 18, 1910, in Grinnell. Postcard published by Suhling Co., Chicago, Illinois. Drake Community Library (Grinnell, Iowa) Archives. Miscellaneous photographs. Collection #17-5, Views of Grinnell.

Color postcard view of Clark Memorial Fountain in Central Park in Grinnell, Iowa. The fountain, designed by Walter Burley Griffin, was built to memorialize Dr. E.W. Clark, an influential early citizen of Grinnell who made many contributions to the town. Drake Community Library (Grinnell, Iowa) Archives. Miscellaneous photographs. Collection #17-5, Views of Grinnell.

Postcard view of a farmhouse and barn with an evergreen bush that has been sculpted to have a chicken at the top. Postcard is postmarked October 7, 1911, in Montezuma, Iowa, and is addressed to Mrs. Hettie Hege, Columbus, Indiana. The card is signed by Mrs. Clevenger.

Julia Annah Pierce Breniman sitting in her wheelchair and holding a bouquet of flowers. She was married to Christian D. Breniman on November 17, 1867. They lived in Brooklyn, Iowa, and had 7 children. Mrs. Breniman was confined to a wheelchair due to varicose veins.

Postcard view looking east on Main Street in Montezuma, Iowa, from the intersection of North 3rd Street and Main. A parade,possibly 4th of July, is in progress with many automobiles and flags. Card is postmarked February 21, 1911, in Montezuma, and is addressed to Miss Helen Shivers, Cadiz, Ohio.

Postcard view of the Opera House located at 115 Jackson Street in Brooklyn, Iowa. Postcard is addressed to Miss Elizabeth Schaefer, Oakdale, Iowa, and is postmarked December 7, 1911, in Brooklyn. Drake Community Library (Grinnell, Iowa) Archives. Miscellaneous photographs. Collection #17-7, Poweshiek County -- Other towns.

Palmer family reunion photograph, probably taken in Grinnell, Iowa. Anson Hayden Palmer is the man with the beard with Abi Palmer to right of him. Nora Belle Palmer is the woman on the right with a baby in her lap (baby's image is very blurred). Charles Austin Palmer is possibly the man just behind her and to the right, kneeling with a small child.

Postcard view of Alumni Hall, looking north. Alumni Hall (Music Building) was constructed in 1882 and razed in 1958 to make room for construction of Burling Library. No. 36. Postcard is addressed to Geo. Willits, Forest City, Ia., and postmarked September 10, 1912 in Grinnell, Iowa. Kruxo postcard.

Postcard birds-eye view of Brooklyn, Iowa. Postcard is addressed to Miss Elizabeth Schaefer, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and is postmarked October 4, 1912, in Brooklyn. Drake Community Library (Grinnell, Iowa) Archives. Miscellaneous photographs.Collection 17-7, Poweshiek County -- Other towns.

Postcard view of Fourth Avenue in Grinnell, Iowa, looking west from approximately Fourth Avenue and Park Street. Grinnell High School is visible on the right. Glimpses of the Old Stone Church (Congregational) and Merchants' National Bank are visible through the trees. The postcard was written by Gertrude Kenyon and was sent to Mrs. Ilya Boyle in Wakita, Oklahoma. It was postmarked July 30, 1912, in Brooklyn, Iowa, and was published by The Leader, Grinnell, Iowa, #16487. Drake Community Library (Grinnell, Iowa) Archives. Miscellaneous photographs. Collection #17-5, Views of Grinnell.

Wedding portrait of Peter Perry Doud and Hazel Clarissa Howard who were married in Grinnell, Iowa on June 13, 1912. Peter and Hazel were both born in Grinnell in 1894 and lived in Poweshiek County their entire lives. Peter died in 1958 and Hazel died in 1977.

Postcard view of the north side of Fourth Avenue in Grinnell, Iowa, looking east from the corner of 4th Avenue and Main Street. Horse and carriage in the street, prominent electrical poles and lines, Congregational Church steeple in background. Postmarked September 29, 1913, in Grinnell, Iowa. Addressed to Mrs. Ida Williams, Windsor, Vermont.

The Grant "Connie" Wilson family posing on the front porch of their home in Grinnell, Iowa, circa 1913. Back row, from left to right: Cecil George Jay Wilson (1899-1948), Lucy May Wilson (1891-?), "Pop" Henry William Wilson (1894-1946), and Marie Leona Wilson (1896-1963). Back row: Grant "Connie" Wilson (1867-1932) holding Russell Lynch, unknown (identified as "Little Dad"), Sarah Doud Wilson (1866-1939), and Pauline Wilson (1903-1976). Grant and Sarah were the parents of Cecil (who went by "Jay"), Lucy, Henry, Marie, Pauline, and Paul (not pictured). The baby Russell Lynch, was Lucy's son and Grant and Sarah's grandson. The Wilsons lived at 408 2nd Avenue in 1910 and at 318 Broad Street in 1920.

Colored postcard view of Montezuma High School in Montezuma, Iowa. Postcard is addressed to Mrs. Oral Sparks, Clio, Iowa, and postmarked 1913.

Photograph of the Lidtka barn, barnyard, pump, and chickens on the Lidtka farm south of Grinnell, Iowa.

The Lidtka farm, owned by Mary and Ed Lidtka, was located on the west side of Highway 146, south of Grinnell, Iowa, just north of the current site of Walmart. The house was built in 1913 by Ed Lidtka who was a carpenter. The property is currently (2013) owned by Brent Renaud. This photograph shows the house on the left, the shed in the middle, and the barn on the right

Two letters in an envelope addressed to Raymond Pilgrim in Lindsay, California, and postmarked February 2, 1913 in Cedar Falls, Iowa. One letter is written by Mildred to Raymond. Mildred encloses a letter that was written to her by Esther Rowe for Raymond to read. Mildred's letter, which is written on I.S.T.C. (Iowa State Teachers College) stationery, describes a fire in a women's rooming house.

Portrait of Henry William Wilson who was born in Montezuma, Iowa, in 1894. By 1905 he lived in Grinnell, Iowa. He married Mary Lou Booton in Newton, Iowa, on November 14, 1914. By 1925, they had moved to Hancock County, Iowa. Henry was a baker by trade. He died in 1946 in California. This portrait was taken in 1914.

Portrait of Mary Lou Booton who was born in Birmingham, Van Buren County, Iowa, in 1898. By 1910 she had moved to Newton, Iowa, where she married Henry William Wilson on November 14, 1914. She died in California in 1976. This portrait was taken in 1914.

Troops from California march down Jackson Street in Brooklyn, Iowa, on their way to New York and then France during World War I. The Brooklyn Opera House is in the background. Velox postcard with diamonds in corners.