Grinnell Historical Museum

Photographs from the collection of the Grinnell Historical Museum.

Faded photograph showing oblique view of Newburg Congregational Church, built in 1896, mounted to cardboard.

Sepia photograph showing the original chancel of the UCC Church of Newburg, Iowa. Light is pouring in through a pair of stained glass windows. Written inscription on back reads "Original Chancel of the Newburg Congregational Church / Built in 1896." The ambrotype is faded.

Margaret Amanda Pepoon in nurses training school. She is shown in her uniform, reading a thermometer and holding a stethoscope in her left hand. She graduated from Grinnell College in 1894 and moved to California in 1904. The photograph is showing its age and spotty condition.

Bust portrait of Minnie (Wilhelmina) R. (Sulser) Parrott (1874-1957). She is 23 years old in this photograph. Minnie is wearing a formal, high-neck dress with a corsage, her hair is styled in a top knot. Could possibly be graduation or wedding photo.

Sepia photograph showing Ferdinand J. Kiesel (1879-1956) on horseback during the Spanish-American War. His outfit consists of a dark jacket, uniform shirt and pants, and a wide-brimmed hat. Two tents and several trees are in the background.

Black and white photograph of Leila Mabel Williams (1880-1909) at age 18 wearing a dark-colored dress with a high collar and ruffles on the left side. "Sister Babe 18 yrs" is written on the back of the photograph.

Black and white print mounted on cardboard showing a mud puddle on Main Street. Six men and one child line the sidewalk in the background while one in the middle to the far right shoots a rifle at a decoy duck. A sign in the foreground reads "No Swimming Here." A shop window in the background reads "John Lee and Sons, Handy Market." A written inscription on the front reads "Mud Puddle on Main Street - 1898 / Dawson Brande Shooting at a decoy duck." Since Dawson Brande was born in 1890, it is fair to assume that either the date is incorrect or the man in the photo is not Dawson.

Black and white photograph of the George Hamlin house at 609 6th Avenue in Grinnell. This picture shows the remodeling done to the house between 1892 and 1900 to modernize it. A large porch was added on the first floor and a dormer on the front of the house was added to the attic.

Black and white photograph of a house at 613 6th Avenue in Grinnell.

A black and white portrait of Annie Williams Woomer mounted on studio cardboard. She is shown wearing a hair bow or hat, high-collared dress with a bow at the back of the neck, and a locket necklace. The back of the photograph has the following statement: "Me on 4th Ave, Grinnell Iowa." The donor included a post-it note, on which is written "Annie Williams Woomer - my grandmother."

A black and white photograph of Bernetta (Aree) Williams Watson, later Bernetta Hill, shown posing with a large hat, blazer, dress, and holding a small purse. The back of the photograph has the following statement: "Aree my second sister." The photograph is printed on a postcard.

Black and white photograph of Emma A. Cook Utley (1850-1935) dressed in a white high-collared blouse and long black skirt. Emma was born in Eaton, New York and came to Grinnell in 1855. She married George Utley in 1870 and moved to California soon after. Written inscription below image reads "Aunt Emma Utley, mother's second sister, next older than she."

A young Emma Perry Beebe (1880-1959) sits in a rocking chair wearing a dark dress and holding a doll. Behind her are a piano and a number of framed items on the wall. The house is likely that of her uncle, George Hamlin (1855-1945).

A black and white photo of Glen Robison (1900-1921) as an infant mounted on studio cardboard. He is shown sitting down and wearing a white dress. The back of the photograph has the following statement: "Glen Robison - Julia Woomer's oldest boy."

Black and white photographic print of Marian Alice Williams (1853-1926) wearing a dark dress with a high white collar, mounted to presentational cardboard. Marian Alice Cook was born in Oneida, New York and came to Poweshiek County when she was two years old. She married Civil War veteran William Calvin Williams (1847-1928) on 12/31/1872 and was a member of the WRC, the New Country Club, and the Methodist Church.

Black and white photograph of Marian Ruth Watson, daughter of Bernetta Aree Williams Watson, as an infant. She is shown sitting down wearing a white dress, stockings, and shoes. She lived to be around 90 years old. Note on back of photograph reads "Ruth Isn't she a darling? I think she was about 18 months old, at Ames Iowa."

A portrait photograph of Mary Maroe Pearson Simpson (1852 - 1926). She is shown wearing round glasses and a white button-up shirt with a black bow at the collar. Mary Simpson was born in Sharon, Wisconsin and died in Clarinda, Iowa after suffering from a long illness. She was a dressmaker with her own shop in Kellogg, Iowa and married William S. Simpson in 1871. The photograph is enclosed in a small brown folding frame.

Black and white postcard showing the Old South School and the Seventh Day Adventist Church on Hamilton Avenue, Grinnell, Iowa. The school was demolished in 1917, and the church was moved to Spring Street in 1916.

Black and white print on cardboard depicting 39 schoolchildren and one teacher outdoors. Written inscription on back reads "1st Grade Parker School / June 1, 1900 / Teacher - Nina Wilson / Ralph Longley second from right back row."

Black and white print mounted on presentational studio cardboard with identifying information on the front (typed and glued to frame) and back (in ink). Mrs. Wire is seated in front of a large spinning wheel, knitting yarn she has probably spun. She appears to be in her 70s or 80s, wearing a dark-colored dress with a light collar. The typed information reads "PRISCILLA TRASK WIRE / b. April 9,1830 ** d. June 24, 1914 / Married Truman C. Wire, Jan. 30, 1847 / Great Grandmother of Ruth Neely Rainier." Inscription on back reads "Grandma Wire."