Grinnell Historical Museum

Black and white photograph of Emma A. Cook Utley (1850-1935) dressed in a white high-collared blouse and long black skirt. Emma was born in Eaton, New York and came to Grinnell in 1855. She married George Utley in 1870 and moved to California soon after. Written inscription below image reads "Aunt Emma Utley, mother's second sister, next older than she."

A young Emma Perry Beebe (1880-1959) sits in a rocking chair wearing a dark dress and holding a doll. Behind her are a piano and a number of framed items on the wall. The house is likely that of her uncle, George Hamlin (1855-1945).

A black and white photo of Glen Robison (1900-1921) as an infant mounted on studio cardboard. He is shown sitting down and wearing a white dress. The back of the photograph has the following statement: "Glen Robison - Julia Woomer's oldest boy."

Black and white photographic print of Marian Alice Williams (1853-1926) wearing a dark dress with a high white collar, mounted to presentational cardboard. Marian Alice Cook was born in Oneida, New York and came to Poweshiek County when she was two years old. She married Civil War veteran William Calvin Williams (1847-1928) on 12/31/1872 and was a member of the WRC, the New Country Club, and the Methodist Church.

Black and white photograph of Marian Ruth Watson, daughter of Bernetta Aree Williams Watson, as an infant. She is shown sitting down wearing a white dress, stockings, and shoes. She lived to be around 90 years old. Note on back of photograph reads "Ruth Isn't she a darling? I think she was about 18 months old, at Ames Iowa."

A portrait photograph of Mary Maroe Pearson Simpson (1852 - 1926). She is shown wearing round glasses and a white button-up shirt with a black bow at the collar. Mary Simpson was born in Sharon, Wisconsin and died in Clarinda, Iowa after suffering from a long illness. She was a dressmaker with her own shop in Kellogg, Iowa and married William S. Simpson in 1871. The photograph is enclosed in a small brown folding frame.

Black and white postcard showing the Old South School and the Seventh Day Adventist Church on Hamilton Avenue, Grinnell, Iowa. The school was demolished in 1917, and the church was moved to Spring Street in 1916.

Black and white print on cardboard depicting 39 schoolchildren and one teacher outdoors. Written inscription on back reads "1st Grade Parker School / June 1, 1900 / Teacher - Nina Wilson / Ralph Longley second from right back row."

Black and white print mounted on presentational studio cardboard with identifying information on the front (typed and glued to frame) and back (in ink). Mrs. Wire is seated in front of a large spinning wheel, knitting yarn she has probably spun. She appears to be in her 70s or 80s, wearing a dark-colored dress with a light collar. The typed information reads "PRISCILLA TRASK WIRE / b. April 9,1830 ** d. June 24, 1914 / Married Truman C. Wire, Jan. 30, 1847 / Great Grandmother of Ruth Neely Rainier." Inscription on back reads "Grandma Wire."

Black and white photograph showing a young Ralph Lyman Longley (1892-1980) leaning on a chair, dressed in a coat, short pants, and boots. He looks quite debonair for age 7 or 8.

Black and white photograph showing twenty schoolchildren of various ages (younger students at the front; older at the back) and their teacher. The boys wear suits, while the girls wear dresses with high-top shoes. The school is not identified but is likely part of the Poweshiek County (Iowa) Rural School system.

Lovely picture of Moses Kelsey Merritt holding his grandchild, Eugene Scott, born July 17, 1900, on his lap. Mr. Merritt is wearing a suit, and the child is wearing a white dress and holding a toy. The back of the photograph has the following statement: M.K. Merritt, Grinnell, IA. A fine neighbor at Grinnell. Died at Bellingham Mich. Signed by E.C.D. Mr. Merritt was an early resident of Grinnell.

Black and white photograph on cardboard of Bessie Ricker (1879 - 1977) and her class of 2nd grade schoolchildren c. 1901 in front of Parker School in Grinnell, Iowa. Bessie Ricker married Edwin S. Parish in 1903 and was a member of the Grinnell United Methodist Church, teaching Sunday school for many years. The children in the picture are unidentified.

Black and white photograph of Annie Williams Woomer mounted in studio cardboard frame. She is shown in a white, high-collared dress with her hair pulled back.There is writing on the back, that states "Me, 1903" and a post-it from the donor that states "Annie Williams Woomer, My Grandmother.

Esther K. Woodruff, in her teens. Esther wears a bow in her hair, a star-patterned blouse with three quarter length sleeves, and a knee-length skirt with vertical stripes. She also wears black tights and black shoes, each with a bow and a buckle. Esther stands behind a heavily decorated bike with her left arm resting on the seat. The background behind Esther displays a balcony in the left-hand side with draped curtains and a column on the right-hand side. This is a studio photograph taken by the Kester studio in 1903. The photograph is pasted on a cardboard frame with embossed decorations of a crown on the above and below the pasted photograph. On the back of the photograph is written "Ester K. Woodruff. Fourth of July. 1903."

A black and white photograph of Annie Williams Woomer Turner. She is shown posing in a fur coat and large, round hat with a lace fringe and flowers. The back of the photograph has the following statement: "Me in the lovely fur coat Carl sent me at Grinnell Iowa. Everyone admired it, -- was so glad forme [sic]." The photograph is printed on a postcard. Carl was one of her three sons.

Black and white photographic portrait of a smiling Fannie R. Buchanan (1875-1957), an active member of 4H and composer (along with Miss Lena Parish) of several nationally recognized 4H songs. In 1942 she received a citation from the USDA for outstanding contribution to rural culture. She was a 1984 Iowa Women's Hall of Fame Honoree for the music projects she conducted for the Iowa State College Extension Service which touched Iowans in nearly every county in the state.

A studio portrait of Ina Sprague (1891-1979) as a teenager or young adult. She is wearing a long white dress with her hair pulled back with a large bow, seated in a chair with one arm on an armrest. Possibly a high school graduation photo.

Portrait of Ina Sprague as a young woman, shown in a white high-collared dress and wearing a necklace with her hair pulled up. Ina Sprague attended Grinnell High School and Grinnell College. This portrait could be for her Grinnell College Graduation. She taught at Grinnell for 4 years before moving to Davis School, where she later became principal for 28 years. Ina Sprague was a member of the Iowa State Education Association, the Iowa Retired Teachers Association, and the National Retired Teachers Association. She was also active in the Grinnell community, serving as a member of the Grinnell Museum and Historical Society, the Daughters of American Colonists, the Grinnell Chapter of the D.A.R., the Pythian Sisters, and the Rebekah Lodge.

A photograph of Lena M. Sprague (1892-1962) in her cap and gown for college graduation. Lena Sprague was a member of the Methodist Church, graduated from Grinnell High School, and received a bachelor of arts degree from Grinnell College. She worked as an assistant to the city clerk for 30 years and never married.